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The 7 Best Wine Bars In Helsinki

Here are the Best Wine Bars In Helsinki

While you might travel to Finland in order to check out the Northern Lights or visit some of the city’s best bars, you’ll be delighted to learn that there are actually quite a few quality wine bars in Helsinki.

Sipping on an elegant glass or red or a sweet white wine is a great way to end the day after exploring the entire city of Helsinki, especially if it’s cold. Relax into a cosy evening and prepare to indulge in the finer side of life at any one of the seven best wine bars in Helsinki.

Best Wine Bars In Helsinki, How do these rankings work?

1. BasBas Staff Wine Bar

Make your way to bustling Tehtaankatu in order to slip into one of the cosiest, most unique wine bars in Helsinki. BasBas Staff Wine Bar oozes historic charm, every corner of the vintage bar dripping with knowledge passed down from French-Canadian sommelier Marc-Antoine Marcoux. Count on an impressive wine list on top of tasty snacks for pairing.

BasBas Staff Wine Bar

2. Bricco

Fancy sampling some quality Italian wine but find yourself in a northern Nordic country? No problem. Check out Bricco, one of the best wine bars in Helsinki. This Italian wine bar is home to quite a long list of superb Italian wines. And, they’re prepared to offer quality tapas and elevated wine bar snacks on top of it all, making it a great place in Helsinki to enjoy a pairing of fine wine and fine food.


3. Le Petit Chaperon Rouge

In French, the name of this wine bar means Little Red Riding Hood. And, it’s likely the historic redbrick exterior that lends itself to such a name. The place itself is dimly lit and quietly enchanting, situated along the Katajanokka waterfront. During the warmer months it’s also one of the best places in Helsinki to enjoy a late afternoon snack and glass of wine out on the patio.

Le Petit Chaperon Rouge

4. Way Bakery and Wine Bar

A bakery and a wine bar? Sounds like heaven, and really, upon walking into Way Bakery and Wine Bar, that’s pretty much what you’ll feel like you’ve stumbled into. Begin by sampling the bakery’s famous sourdough bread. It’s the perfect starting point for an early afternoon of bakery snacks and sumptuous wine.

Way Bakery and Wine Bar

5. Gohan Wine Bar

Gohan Wine Bar is special in that they serve both wine and sake. The carefully sourced artisan wines are some of the finest in the entire city, ensuring that you’ll get the chance to sample quite the variety. Plus, it’s located in the historic Torikorttelit district right in the heart of Helsinki, making it the perfect place to relax after a long day of exploring.

Gohan Wine Bar

6. Vin-Vin

There’s so much to love about Vin-Vin that it’s hard to know where to start. The incredibly luxurious interior ensures it’s a place where you’ll want to stay for a while. Plush red seating, charcoal coloured walls, and rustic decor sets the tone for a cosy evening. On Wednesdays they serve Italian aperitivos to pair with their extensive wine list; it’s the absolute perfect plan for date night.


7. Wino

You’ll have to head out to the suburbs of Kallio to enjoy Wino. It’s by far one of the best wine bars in Helsinki for those looking to enjoy something less touristy. Here, you can enjoy gourmet food and a variety of wines from different regions all over the world. Italian, French, Serbian, and Austria wines are just a few of the options.


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