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The 7 Best Places For Ribs In Ho Chi Minh City

Here are the Best Places For Ribs In Ho Chi Minh City

Sticky, succulent, meaty and oh-so tasty, when it comes to ribs in Ho Chi Minh you’re in for a real feast. While you might think of typical Vietnamese fare here, it’s such a cosmopolitan city that you can get whatever you fancy. From American traditional barbecue ribs to Korean-style, here’s our pick of the very best in the city.

Best Ribs in Ho Chi Minh City, How do these rankings work?

1. Quan Ut Ut

Ask anyone where to go a for a barbecue meal in Saigon and they’ll point you towards this place. They carefully slow smoke all their meat until falling off the bonder and perfectly tender, with freshly brewed ale to go alone with it. The pork ribs are just one highlight: St. Louis-style and cashew smoked.

Quan Ut Ut

2. Phátcat Kitchen

Meaty, flavoursome and melt-in-the-mouth are just some of the words to describe how delicious the ribs are here. In fact, they’re some of the tastiest ribs in Ho Chi Minh City. The food isn’t super fast, but that’s because they cook everything to order for the best tastes. Order a slab of ribs, and some poutine on the side for a big feed.

Phátcat Kitchen

3. Jake’s BBQ

Jake’s BBQ is well known as being a hotspot for classic American barbecue fare, from smoked meats to wings and downhome sides. If you miss the taste of the South, Jake’s will sort you out in no time. Order the tender ribs on their own, and pig out with a platter of ribs, chopped pork and pulled pork.

Jake’s BBQ

4. Long Smoke House

The food at Long Smoke House might only be available for delivery and takeaway, but it’s so good that we suggest you make a night of it and order in. They smoke their pork and beef ribs and beef brisket for 16-24 hours with white oak for a rich and flavoursome finish. You’ll be in food heaven here.

Long Smoke House

5. High Tide Restaurant & Bar

Hightail it to High Tide for a fun evening of good vibes and even better food. This Thao Dien hangout is popular with expats, who flock here for live sports games and a menu full of classic comfort food. It’s the BBQ section of the menu that’s a must-eat, with smoked pork ribs that have the perfect char and smoke ring.

High Tide Restaurant & Bar

6. Big Pig BBQ & Beer

Big Pig BBQ & Beer specialise in exactly what you would expect them to: barbecue, and beer. The wedges are nice and crispy, while the pork ribs are juicy and tender. Wash your cheat meal down with one of their 35 local craft and imported beers, which are the perfect addition to a delicious feast.

Big Pig BBQ & Beer

7. BiaCraft

We recently named BiaCraft among the best craft beer bars in the city, but we feel the need to tell you how good the food is here, too. There’s cider oysters, fresh ceviche and hearty burgers, but the ribs steal the show. They’re smoked ribs with a special vanilla porter chai BBQ sauce, pink apple slaw and fries.


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