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Morocco remains one of the most popular holiday destinations in Africa for holidaymakers, and at Enjoy Car Hire, we provide extensive car rental in Morocco facilities. This Mediterranean country is located in Northern Africa, on the westerly coastline, next to the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Morocco receives a very high amount of tourists due to its location, tourist attractions, and relatively low prices. Visitors from Europe are attracted to the beautiful beaches on the coastline. But that is far from all. There are also mountains and valleys that keep fans of the outdoors happy. Middle and Upper Atlas mountains pose a decent challenge for any hiker, climber or a biker. You can go canyoning or fishing in one of the lakes. Summits can reach 4 thousand meters, but nothing is as breathtaking as a stay on the edge of the desert.

Tourism in Morocco is generally focused on its historic culture and generates a lot of interests, especially the ancient cities, modern tourism capitalizes on Morocco’s ancient Roman and Islamic sites on its landscape. Another point of interest is Casablanca, which is the major cruise port, as well as having the best-developed markets in Morocco.

The capital, Marrakech, proves very popular with tourists and with a lot to offer many visitors take a 2 or 3-day excursion. These are just some of the destinations you can visit by car renting in Morocco. You really want to be as mobile as possible and car rental is the best option. Enjoy Car Hire offers great service and highly competitive rates – we provide airport car hire in Morocco to make your journey really easy.

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Don't be aggressive on Moroccan roads. Don't trust other drivers, follow traffic lights and don't go over the speed limit.

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Distance from Casablanca to Marrakesh is 149 miles (240 km).
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