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Find the Best Airport Hotel Deals in Gatwick

Got an early morning flight? Want to avoid swathes of rush-hour traffic, or save money on public transport? Gatwick Airport (the UK’s second busiest airport, fyi!) features numerous on-airport hotels and hotels that are a short distance from the terminals, for your comfort and convenience. Find only the best deals on Gatwick Airport Hotels with Enjoy Travel.

Ideal for international travellers, particularly those on long-haul flights or layovers, airport hotels provide a place to catch some much-needed rest, freshen up or simply relax before your next flight. From fully-established hotels and big-name branded hotels to sleep pods and cabins, you can be sure that you will receive some much needed rest before you reach your destination.

How to Choose the Best Gatwick Airport Hotel For You

At Enjoy Travel, we help customers select the best airport hotel to suit their needs or preferences. Choose from many Gatwick Airport hotels with our toggle tools, filters, hotel and parking packages, deals and information! Here’s what to consider or bear in mind when choosing your hotel:

Consider your Budget and Preferences

Knowing how much you can spend can help you decide on which airport hotel is right for you. Off-airport hotels tend to be cheaper, but are usually further away than hotels actually located inside the terminals or on the airport precinct. Whether you’re looking for luxury, convenience or merely a comfortable place to stay, you’re sure to find airport hotels within your budget at Gatwick Airport.

Compare the Location and Distance from the Airport

Imagine the luxury of simply stepping out of your hotel and being mere steps away from your gate. Based on your preferences, you can select hotels located within either the North or South Terminal of Gatwick Airport, and experience a more convenient and quick journey than if you had to get on a shuttle bus or walk for 10 minutes!

Check the Availability and Amenities of the Hotel

Consider what you would like out of your hotel– do you want tea or coffee in the morning, or a glass of prosecco when you arrive? Do you need business rooms to catch up on work or host conferences? These are things you need to think about before booking, and make sure the hotel you book has the right amenities to suit your needs!

Read the Reviews and Ratings of Other Guests

The reviews of other guests tend to be reliable and accurate, as they are first-hand accounts and real life experiences. This can help you decide if the hotel you are looking to book is right for you.

What to Expect from Gatwick Airport Hotels

There are approximately 7 On-Airport Hotels at Gatwick to choose from, each with varying amenities to suit your needs. Hotels like Bloc and Yotel provide small short-stay rooms or cabins, featuring only the most basic amenities; located within South Terminal, mere minutes from security or check in for added convenience.

Hotels such as Courtyard by Marriott, Hampton Inn, Hilton, Sofitel and Premier Inn, are located just a short (and sometimes covered) walk from the terminals. Here, you can find bigger rooms and more amenities, such as ergonomic desks and chairs, bathrooms and more space.

Amenities and Services

In-terminal hotels like Bloc and Yotel only tend to feature beds, a powerful and luxurious shower to help you feel refreshed, and sometimes TVs or workstations! You can book rooms or cabins with extra beds if required, like in the case of travelling with family members or in large groups.

Larger hotels at Gatwick Airport feature the in-room amenities you’d expect from a normal hotel, such as double or single beds, desks, living spaces (only in some hotel suites) TVs, runway views, coffee/tea making facilities and room service. General hotel amenities/services include airport shuttle to terminals, fitness centres, restaurant/bar and lounge, onsite mini-shop and business conference centres.

Rooms and Facilities

Rooms in transit or in-terminal hotels only feature beds. Their capacities are smaller than larger hotels located a short distance from the terminals, and they tend to be less spacious than regular hotel rooms.

Luxury hotels such as Sofitel and Hilton feature rooms and suites, and hold a larger capacity than in-terminal hotels. Expect all the space you can think of, plus runway or city views depending on proximity, as well as living spaces in some rooms. This is the same for other hotels, only some may not feature the same room styles or amount of space as the more luxury hotels do.

Policies and Cancellations

You can usually expect to be more flexible with your booking or cancellation and check in/check out times when it comes to airport hotels–after all, you need to account for flight cancellations or delays. Check each hotel website to see if any cancellation fees or non-refundable bookings are required.

Hotels within Walking Distance from Gatwick Airport

Can you walk from Courtyard Hotel to Gatwick Airport?

Courtyard by Marriott is located around a 15-minute walk from South Terminal. From here, you can hop on a shuttle to North Terminal if you so require.

Can you walk from Hampton Hotel to Gatwick Airport?

Hampton by Hilton hotel is connected to North Terminal, providing a short and covered 1-2 minute walk to check in and security. From North Terminal, you can catch a regular shuttle or monorail service to South Terminal.

Can you walk from Hilton Hotel to Gatwick Airport?

Hilton Hotel is connected to South Terminal, providing a short 1-2 minute covered walk via a walkway. Access to North Terminal is available via shuttle or monorail service.

Can you walk from Premier Inn to Gatwick Airport?

Premier Inn Hotel is around a 5-minute’s walk from Gatwick’s North Terminal check in. The hotel operates a complimentary 24-hour shuttle service to South Terminal too.

Can you walk from Sofitel to Gatwick Airport?

Gatwick’s North Terminal is accessible from Sofitel Hotel via a 5-minute walk through a covered walkway.

Airport Hotels with Free Shuttle Service

Premier Inn Hotel

Hampton Inn Hotel

How to get to Gatwick Airport from your Hotel

All hotels in or nearby to Gatwick are within walking distance, with some offering shuttle services to the terminals.

Sofitel and Hilton Hotels are connected to North and South Terminals respectively via a covered walkway. Simply step out of the lobby and be at check-in or security within minutes. Bloc and Yotel are located within South Terminal, so are directly beside security or check in. Hampton Inn is also connected via a walkway to North Terminal.

Courtyard by Marriott is around a 10-15 minute’s walk from Gatwick’s South Terminal. Upon exiting the hotel, you can either catch a shuttle bus from the bus stops, or follow the signs to South Terminal.

From Premier Inn, simply step outside and cross the road to the North Terminal. From here, you can catch the monorail to South Terminal if you need to. Premier Inn also operates complimentary 24-hour shuttle services to South Terminal.

Compare the Different Modes of Transport Available

Whether walking or catching the shuttle, you can expect your journey to be hassle and stress free and extremely convenient. As each hotel is within walking distance to the terminals, there’s no need to catch a shuttle from the hotel, especially if you are unsure on whether shuttles are complimentary, or run at the times you need.

To save money, and time, opt to walk to the terminal that the hotel is connected to or directly across from, and catch the free monorail or airport shuttle to your appropriate terminal, if you are in the wrong one! Airport monorails and shuttles are 24-hours and free of charge.

How to Save Money on Gatwick Airport Hotels

Book a Hotel & Parking Package with Enjoy Travel

We offer the best airport hotel deals and parking packages, to help you save as much money as you can for your upcoming holiday. Book your airport hotel in advance with us now, and have confidence that you are in receipt of the best deals around, making your pre-holiday experience as stress and hassle-free as possible.

How to Enjoy Your Stay at Gatwick Airport Hotels

● Make use of the amenities: If your hotel has a business centre, fitness centre and/or restaurant or bar, what are you waiting for? Enjoy these facilities before you fly to make your journey even more luxurious.

● Book a hotel within or close to your terminal: This will make it easier to not only access your terminal, but to potentially save money and time. Avoid traffic jams or morning stresses by being mere steps from your terminal.

● Take advantage of the food on offer: Many airport hotels will provide breakfast or food before you fly. Catch this while you can, as food at the airport or on the plane can be expensive, and you’ll want to save as much money as you can for your upcoming trip!

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FAQs about hotels at Gatwick Airport

Most frequently asked questions about booking a hotel in the Gatwick Airport

Book months in advance to guarantee your room! Try to avoid booking during peak tourist seasons such as spring/summer, as demand for airport hotels and prices may increase.
If you’re looking for convenience, try Bloc or Yotel. If searching for luxury, Sofitel or Hilton take the lead! For a more budget-friendly stay, try Premier Inn.
Continental breakfast is available at most Gatwick Airport hotels. If not, you’ll be pleased to find coffee/tea making facilities in your room, or an onsite convenience store for a quick morning pick-me-up.

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