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7 Wholesome Ukrainian Dishes You Have To Try

Here are the Wholesome Ukrainian Dishes You Have To Try

This vast country has some amazing culture, history, things to do, but feasting on these wholesome Ukrainian dishes are the perfect way to finish a day while visiting. The food in Ukraine has been influenced by European cultures yet has kept its Slavic traditions and is truly unique. Bread – and grains such as wheat and rye in general – features heavily alongside staple vegetables, with many dishes first fried or boiled, and then stewed or baked.

The recipes come from some of the worlds best food bloggers. The best of the best. They have meticulously recreated the dishes with superb recipes that are ideal for first time cooks. Make sure to bookmark their blogs and to check out the other treats the cook up.

Time to sharpen your knives, pop the apron on and get into the kitchen to cook up some of these delicious wholesome Ukrainian dishes.

The Best Wholesome Ukrainian Dishes

1. Holubtsi (Ukrainian Stuffed Cabbage)

The cabbage is stuffed with meat and cooked with a rich tomato sauce. A truly heartwarming meal that is best served family style.

Recipe created by Hannah.

Holubtsi (Ukrainian Stuffed Cabbage)

2. Ukrainian Style Eggs

If you love pierogi, then you’re going to love these Ukrainian Style Eggs! They have all the virtues of loaded perogies but they are easier, faster and healthier.

Recipe created by Terri.

Ukrainian Style Eggs

3. Hearty Rustic Beef Borscht

This tasty Ukrainian borscht will exceed all of your expectations. From the chunky beef and rustic root vegetables to those roasted beets, this stew provides the perfect balance of warm and tangy. It truly is a masterpiece in a bowl!

Recipe created by Greg and Kari.

Hearty Rustic Beef Borscht

4. Ukrainian Pork Lard (Salo)

For centuries the Slavs eat lard prepared in different variations – salty, fried, boiled or baked. It was always thought that a piece of lard on the table was a sign of wealth in the family, so on the eve of Orthodox holidays, Ukrainian ancestors tried to salt lard so that it was stored for longer and was very tasty.

Lard with garlic is perhaps the most ancient combination that can only be found in Ukrainian traditional cuisine.

Recipe created by Nifty Recipe.

Ukrainian Pork Lard (Salo)

5. Garlic Mushrooms In Sour Cream

Earthy mushrooms seasoned with garlic, and topped with creamy sour cream. It’s the perfect easy to make side dish or topper for lots of tasty grilled meats.

Recipe created by Life Currents.

Garlic Mushrooms In Sour Cream

6. Buckwheat Kasha

First off, buckwheat is a seed that is not related to wheat and does not contain any gluten. Buckwheat groats are sometimes called “psuedograins”, which are seeds that are cooked and consumed like grains (other pseudograins are quinoa and amaranth).

Recipe created by Alex.

Buckwheat Kasha

7. Ukrainian Pork Meatballs (kotlety)

Easy Ukrainian Pork Meatballs (kotlety) are perfectly tender and hearty and you will love that these are oven baked. There is no needed attention to each meatball individually or cooking in few batches to fit in a skillet.

Recipe created by Olga.

Ukrainian Pork Meatballs (kotlety)

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