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The 7 Popular German Drinks You Have To Try

Here are the Popular German Drinks You Have To Try

Germany is home to some of the world’s favourite food and beverages, with amazing non-alcoholic and alcoholic German drinks to sample. From refreshing apple drinks to famous beers, there’s a lot to enjoy here.

If you can’t visit here right now, you can still learn more about how the must-try coffee styles, tea, sodas or what cocktails locals are ordering in bars – and maybe even try making some of these authentic tipples at home!

Popular German Drinks

1. Apfelschorle

This crisp refreshing apple drink is enjoyed most during warmer months, this simple drink is easy to make at home.

Simply choose your favorite apple juice and carbonated water, depending on your preference but the go-to mix is 60% water and 40% juice.


2. Radler

This is the ideal summer beer drink that is super light and refreshing, the ratio is 60% beer and 40% lemon soda.

Wondering what to pour in the glass first? If you start with the beer and add the lemonade, it will create a lot of foam. But if you pour the lemon soda and then the beer, this creates less foam!


3. Spezi/Mezzo Mix

If you’re a fan of Coca-Cola and Fanta, then this is the drink for you, as it combines both! Spezi is the brand name for the drink that you can buy in stores in Germany.

It’s also a generic name for mixing the two sodas. This drink couldn’t be more simple: just mix these two sodas 50:50 and add a nice slice of orange and there you have it…

Spezi/Mezzo Mix

4. Weissbier

Weissbier is a classic Bavarian wheat ale that is top-fermented known for its mousse-like foam head and cloudy appearance.

German law stipulates that it must be made with at least 50% malted wheat. The typical notes include cloves, bananas, smoke, and occasionally even bubble gum.


5. Riesling

Riesling usually hails from the Rhine region of Germany, but it has shown great success in other European wine regions, primary Austria and Alsace. However, the best expressions of the grape are in Germany, where Riesling remains the most planted grape variety!

Always high in natural acidity, Riesling wines are incredibly versatile and may range from dry, medium dry or medium sweet to sweet styles. Because of their versatile styles, German Riesling wines tend to be incredibly food-friendly.


6. Glühwein

This is the perfect winter drink. Usually found at Christmas markets, it will definitely warm your stomach!

Glühwein roughly translates to “glowing-wine” as it is served hot. The wine is cooked along with various mulling spices and sometimes raisins.


7. Schnaps

German schnaps is a pretty broad category used for different types of distilled spirits.

These spirits often include artificial flavourings and added sugars, and they do not share many similarities with high-quality fruit brandies.


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