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The 7 Croatian Dishes You Have To Try

Here are the Croatian Dishes You Have To Try

Mediterranean countries are known for their great food and Croatian dishes are right up there with the very best. You might not be able to travel there at the moment, but with these recipes you can recreate some great local food in the comfort of your own home. Croatia is all about excellent local produce, including organic olive oils, sheep cheeses and truffles.

The recipes come from some of the worlds best food bloggers. The best of the best. They have meticulously recreated the dishes with superb recipes that are ideal for first time cooks. Make sure to bookmark their blogs and to check out the other treats the cook up.

Time to sharpen your knives, pop the apron on and get into the kitchen to cook up some of these delicious Croatian dishes.

The Best Croatian Dishes

1. Granatir With Pasta

In Croatia, Granatir has many names: Granadir, Grenadir, Grenadir march, Granadir march, Granatir with pasta. This ultra-simple dish is made of pasta (you can use any type of pasta, like fusilli, macaroni…etc.), and cooked potatoes, stewed onions and ground red pepper.

Recipe created by Maja.

Granatir With Pasta

2. Kiflice

With a tender flaky outer cookie and luscious filled centre, it’s not a surprise that Croatian kiflice, or jam-filled crescents, are an absolute favourite dessert amongst grown-ups and kids alike.

Recipe created by Jane and Sonja.


3. Croatian Lamb Peka

Vegetables and Potatoes are mixed in with your choice of Lamb, Octopus, Chicken, Veal or Fish inside a large pot with olive oil. The pot is then placed in an open outdoor fireplace, covered over with a metal domed lid.

Recipe created by Kay and Luke.

Croatian Lamb Peka

4. Fritule

Fritule (fritters) is a traditional, home-made delicacy in Croatia. In recent years, it has become one of the most popular street food treats to have.

Recipe created by Ivan.


5. Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf

There are lots of different types of meatloaf in Croatia: this one comes wrapped in bacon and served with creamy polenta.

Recipe created by Volim Meso.

Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf

6. Eggs In Tomato And Pepper Sauce

This dish is the ideal way to start the day, with boiled eggs sitting on top of a rich and tasty sauce. Ideal for dunking large amounts of bread into.

Recipe created by Darkova Web Kuharica.

Eggs In Tomato And Pepper Sauce

7. Croatian Roux Soup

Quick and easy to make, this Croatian roux soup is a simple comfort dish that uses just a few staple ingredients, but is full of flavour.

Recipe created by Jas.

Croatian Roux Soup

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