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The 7 Best Places for Ribs in Tulsa

Here are the Best Places for Ribs in Tulsa

If there is one thing the South does how to do best, it’s their BBQ ribs. For juicy and mouth-watering chunks of meat on a bone, there are some excellent places for ribs in Tulsa.

You’ll have to check out the seven best places for ribs in Tulsa.

Best Places for Ribs in Tulsa, How do these rankings work?

1. Burn Co. Barbeque

If you’re someone that enjoys the smokey and charred taste of the skin of BBQ meats, you’ll absolutely love it here at Burn Co. Barbeque. To go along with this fire-crusted skin comes the sweet and juicy pull of their meats that is tender to the touch and melts in your mouth. Can you say BBQ heaven?

Burn Co. Barbeque

2. Leon’s Smoke Shack

What do you get when you mix superb service with even better ribs? The answer is one of the best BBQ joints for ribs in Tulsa. Leon’s meats are known for their high-quality that are rich in flavour and bold in taste. Swing by for some of the best ribs in Tulsa here.

Leon’s Smoke Shack

3. Rib Crib

You know you’re going to get some damn amazing ribs at a place that calls themselves the Rib Crib. They do BBQ ribs here that will blow your mind and have been doing it for the last 25 years! While their ribs are their signature meat here, you can also get your fix of other classic BBQ meats here as well.

Rib Crib

4. Mac’s Barbeque

Mac’s Barbeque is infamously known for the super tasty rub and award-winning sauce to produce one of the best tasting ribs in town. At this family-run BBQ joint, get a bite or two of some of the best ribs in town and see why people flock from all over the state to come to this legendary place.

Mac’s Barbeque

5. Stone Mill Barbeque and Steakhouse

Stone Mill Barbeque and Steakhouse specialises in meats and lots of it. Locals here are massive fans of their ribs which feature meat that tenderly falls off the bone and is incredibly flavourful. Other hot dishes here include their steaks (obviously) as well as their tender brisket.

Stone Mill Barbeque and Steakhouse

6. Oklahoma Style Barbeque

Whether you prefer short or long ribs, Oklahoma Style Barbeque does both extremely well. The secret lies in their rub which leaves a thick black smokey layer on the outside but a tender and almost pink meat on the inside. You can definitely get your ribs fix here at this place.

Oklahoma Style Barbeque

7. Oklahoma Joe’s

Last but by no means least, is a BBQ place where Anthony Bourdain once came in to try their addicting BBQ ribs and meats. In fact, he named this joint as one the 13 places to eat before you die. If that’s not enough incentive to swing by for some of the best BBQ in Tulsa, then we don’t what you’re doing!

Oklahoma Joe’s

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