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Whether you’re planning on spending much time there or not, a good hotel is the crux of any getaway. If you’re on a city break, then location will probably be high on your priority list, whereas luxurious amenities might be important for a relaxing honeymoon. Whatever your priorities are, there’s going to be a seemingly endless list of options.

At Enjoy Travel, we compare a wide range of hotels in the UK to narrow down your search and ensure you not only get the option but also the best price. We can guarantee to find you the best rate for your holiday booking, so you can save money to spend on the important things

Cheap Airport Hotels with Parking

Airport hotels with parking can be more affordable than you might think, especially when you know where to look. At Enjoy Travel, our hotel comparison platform searches for the best deals so you don’t have to. We’re constantly on the hunt for airport hotel deals, and choosing a hotel and parking package is a great way to make your money go further.

Leaving your car at an airport car park provides peace of mind while you’re on your journey: they’re safe, secure, and convenient. However, they can be pricey – especially during peak travel seasons. Opt for an airport hotel and parking package for that same peace of mind and combine the cost of accommodation and parking to save money.

How to Book Airport Hotels with Parking

Don’t fork out for expensive airport parking – choose to save money, time, and effort when you book an airport hotel with parking. Book online with Enjoy Travel to bag the best prices and secure your spot.

Use Enjoy Travel’s online pre-book service to save money and time

Pre-book your airport hotel with parking seamlessly on Enjoy Travel. Our hotel comparison platform searches for the best deals out there, so you’re guaranteed a better price than if you pay a walk-in rate. And if you do book an airport hotel on the day, you might miss out on a parking space – airport hotel parking is a popular option when the on-site airport car parks are full. Make savings by booking your hotel stay and parking space in one package, while also guaranteeing your spot.

Guarantee your spot at one of our pre-booked car parks and enjoy fantastic discounts on your airport parking.

How to Choose the Best Airport Hotel with Parking

With a wide range of airport hotels with parking to choose from, picking the best one can seem like a lot of work. Simplify the process by following these steps:

Consider your budget

The first step to choosing your airport hotel with parking is determining your price range. The budget will influence the type of airport hotel you choose, whether affordable or luxurious, so it’s important to know how much you can realistically spend on a hotel before beginning your search.

Read the reviews and ratings of other guests

Don’t skip the reviews – take time to read through the experiences of past guests. They’ll offer a fantastic insight into the hotel’s service and amenities and its practicalities as an airport hotel. Look out for reviews that note how easy or difficult it is to park at the hotel and the proximity to the airport, as well as the hotel’s overall comfort.

Compare the location and distance from the airport

Determine what’s important to you regarding the location. If you’re planning on doing some sightseeing, choose a hotel that is off the airport grounds for easy access to the main roads that take you to the city centre. If sightseeing isn’t a priority and you simply want to get some rest before or after your flight, we recommend choosing a hotel that is close to the airport.

Check the accessibility and amenities of the hotel

Consider the amenities that are a priority to you to help refine your search. When staying at an airport hotel, the amenities should make your overall journey smoother and more enjoyable. For example, those travelling in the early hours of the morning would benefit from booking an airport hotel with a 24-hour shuttle service to the terminals. Early morning travellers might also want a complimentary breakfast service that starts at 5am, rather than 7am. Similarly, travellers with reduced mobility or other specified needs should book hotels with accessible features that cater to their requirements.

Why Choose Airport Hotels with Parking?

Convenience and Comfort

As well as saving time, effort, and money, choosing an airport hotel with parking is simply convenient. It’s a great choice for travellers with an early flight who want to leave their car parked at the airport, and it also means you don’t have to worry about rush hour or other traffic prior to your flight. Save yourself the hassle and wake up within easy reach of the airport (while enjoying an extra hour in bed!)

Affordability and Value

Booking a hotel stay and airport parking separately can be expensive whereas staying at a hotel with parking included lets you save on that high airport parking fee. And at Enjoy Travel, we’re committed to finding the most affordable and reasonable prices for our customers – you can expect great value hotel deals.

Accessibility and Transportation

Airport hotels generally run shuttle services to the terminals, so you don’t need to worry about transportation. Choosing an airport hotel with parking is also a great option for travellers with reduced mobility, who might need longer at the airport for their specified needs. Waking up at the airport cuts out a large (and often stressful) chunk of the travel day, so you have more time to prepare for the journey ahead.

How to Get to the Airport from Your Hotel

Compare the Different Modes of Transportation Available

If you’re staying at an airport hotel, you will most likely want a straightforward journey to the airport. Convenience is one of the main benefits when booking an airport hotel, so getting to the airport should be as simple as possible.

Shuttle: Most airport hotels will provide a shuttle service to and from the airport. If you have an early or late flight, check if the hotel’s shuttle service runs 24 hours a day. This is the most convenient way of getting to the airport from your hotel.

Walk: Airport hotels are close to the airport and some are even within walking distance. If you’re staying at a hotel on the airport grounds or very close by, walking might be the quickest way to get to the terminals. However, this might not be a suitable mode of transportation for travellers with large luggage or young children in tow.

Taxi: While shuttle services are convenient, they might run on a particular schedule. If you want to get to the airport for a specified time, if your hotel doesn’t offer a 24-hour shuttle service, or if you’re running late, a taxi will get you to the airport quickly. Bear in mind that most airport hotels are close to the airport, so the journey will be short but expensive for what it is.

How to Save Money on Airport Hotels with Parking

Book a Hotel and Parking Package with Enjoy Travel

Avoid spending an exorbitant amount of money on airport parking and book a hotel and parking package with Enjoy Travel. Daily rates at airport car parks can be excessively expensive when you don’t pre-book – booking a hotel with parking means you can relax on the morning of your flight while saving money you would have spent on an airport car park.

How to Enjoy Your Stay at Airport Hotels with Parking

Explore the Nearby Attractions and Activitie

Staying in an airport hotel doesn’t have to only be convenient, it can also be enjoyable. Hop in the car and explore the nearby attractions and activities – airport hotels are typically located near a main road with easy access to museums, parks, and shopping centres. Alternatively, if you don’t want to drive, airports generally have great transport links to city centres.

Got a Question? Chat with our UK support team

Online chat help is open 08:30am to 17:00 weekdays. Email: [email protected]


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Enjoy FAQs

Book an airport hotel with parking for the utmost convenience. Travelling is stressful enough without having to worry about parking your car at expensive on-site car parks – choosing an airport hotel and parking package means you can rest the night before a flight knowing your car will be taken care of.
While you can find some great deals on airport parking, a good parking spot close to the terminals tends to be expensive. If you’re planning on staying in a hotel before your flight then combining your hotel stay and airport parking into one package will work out cheaper than if you booked them separately.
Pre-book your hotel and parking package with Enjoy Travel, arrive at your hotel on the check-in date, and the friendly staff will advise you on how best to park your car. Some hotels will offer a valet service, where a trusted professional parks your car for you in a safe space that is separate from the hotel, while most hotels will have designated car parks.

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