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The 7 Most Haunted Places in New Hampshire

Here are the Most Haunted Places in New Hampshire

From haunted houses to ghoulish graveyards, witches, ghost cats and ghost horses, the Granite State has plenty of spooky places and paranormal activity to keep the most avid ghost hunters happy. Ready to get the fright of your life? Here are some of the most haunted places in New Hampshire.

7 Most Haunted Places in New Hampshire

1. S.K. Pierce Victorian Mansion, Gardner

This Victorian mansion is so haunted that Ghost Hunters the TV show filmed an episode here. Fans of things that go bump in the night will love it here as there is a good chance you’ll experience some paranormal activity. South Gardner chair manufacturer Sylvester K. Pierce built the creepy house in the late 1880s. People have reported seeing the ghost of Mr Pierce himself walking the halls.

S.K. Pierce Victorian Mansion

2. The Tilton Inn (The 1875 Inn), Tilton

Another building in New Hampshire to make it onto the tv show Ghost Hunters, The Tilton Inn is haunted by a 12-year-old ghost called Laura. Apparently, she perished in a fire sometime in the 19th-century. Guests of the inn report seeing her roaming and hear her moaning in different rooms and hallways.

The Tilton Inn (The 1875 Inn)

3. Pine Hill Cemetery, Hollis

Pine Hill Cemetery in Hollis has to be the most haunted graveyard in the Granite State. Locals call it ‘Blood Cemetery’ because of the man who haunts it, Mr Able Blood. The Bloods have a large family plot in the cemetery and Able is buried next to his wife Betsy. Visitors to the grave report that the upward pointed hand on the gravestone will suddenly change to point down. Others report strange tapping noises coming from different parts of the cemetery.

Pine Hill Cemetery

Credit: Tracy Lee Carroll (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

4. Amos J. Blake House Museum, Fitzwilliam

One of the most haunted places in the state of New Hampshire, this building is home to eleven different spirits and one ghost cat. Constructed in 1837 and originally a combined store and home, nowadays it is a museum and workers report plenty of paranormal activity. They say they have seen ectoplasm, heard disembodied screams and phantom footsteps. Visitors report feeling uneasy and nauseous while inside.

Amos J. Blake House Museum

5. Ocean-Born Mary House, Henniker

This private residence was once home to Robert Wallace, the son of a woman named Ocean-Born Mary. You’ll find her grave in the cemetery behind the Henniker town hall. Outside the house, you’ll find a sign saying: “Homestead of Robert Wallace, also known as Ocean Born Mary House, 1784.” Apparently, Ocean-Born Mary’s ghost haunts the house, even though she never lived there. Local legend says the ghost of a tall, red-haired woman with glowing green eyes appears in the upstairs window.

Ocean-Born Mary House

6. Island Path, Hampton Beach

New Hampshire is so haunted that even the roads are spooky! Island Path Road in Hampton Beach is where the ghost of Goodwife Eunice Cole roams. She used to live at the end of Island Path and locals accused her of witchcraft in 1656 and again in 1671. In 1680, Eunice “Goody” Cole died of natural causes after enduring decades of persecution. Today, she haunts all along Island Path. Road users report unexplained moving objects, flickering lights and a ghostly figure that appears in the fog.

Island Path

7. Toll Hill, Eaton

You’ll find the town of Eaton just south of Conway in Carroll County. In Eaton Center is Toll Hill, on top of which is an old farmhouse that a ghost horse haunts. The story is quite sad really. The horse sought shelter in the abandoned farmhouse during a storm but became trapped and died inside. The horse is still trying to escape.

Toll Hill

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