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The 7 Best Places For Ribs In Dallas

Here are the Best Places For Ribs in Dallas

As you probably well know they take their BBQ very seriously in Texas. So, we wanted to scour the state to find the seven best places for ribs In Dallas.

When it comes to something as important as ribs in Texas, it’s near impossible to get everybody agreeing on the top spots, but you can eat at any of these seven spots and you won’t be disappointed.

All you have to do is grab a couple of friends, work up an appetite and get ready to eat some of the tastiest ribs you could ever imagine. Life really doesn’t get much better than eating these ribs in Dallas.

The Best Ribs In Dallas

1. Lockhart Smokehouse Barbecue

Lockhart Smokehouse Barcebue serves up ribs that are unbelievably tasty, and they do so to hungry eaters all over northern Texas (they’ve got two other locations in Plano and Arlington).

The family-run business puts a huge emphasis on sourcing the very best meat and not rushing the cooking process. They offer both beef and pork ribs and serve some mighty fine cocktails and beers to go along with them.

Lockhart Smokehouse Barbecue

2. Baby Back Shak

At Baby Back Shak, they smoke up some great BBQ in general but their ribs are on a whole new level. And, they’re served with tangy potato salad, fresh coleslaw or the Shak’s very own Memphis style BBQ baked beans.

One thing is certain and that is you won’t be leaving here feeling hungry anyway. They say the secret is their rub, in which they marinate all their meat. It’s been in the family for years, so you know they’ve had time to perfect it.

Baby Back Shak

3. Pecan Lodge

The Pecan Lodge BBQ pit burns 24 hours a day, fueled by nothing but wood and passion, and they make everything they can from scratch. This is as close to BBQ nirvana as you are ever going to get.

The ribs come on large platters with great sides like collard greens and homemade sauces that will absolutely blow your mind.

Pecan Lodge

4. Slow Bone BBQ

Slow Bone BBQ is only open from 11 am to 3 pm daily and there is often a line, so make sure you get here early. When you do get your teeth into those gorgeous ribs you will quickly see you are in for a huge treat of meaty, juicy heaven.

They also have some lovely inventive sides like pinto beans and a squash casserole to enhance the experience further.

Slow Bone BBQ

5. Off the Bone Barbeque

Chef Dwight Harvey has created a true masterclass in BBQ here with massive attention to detail in everything they do. The mixed meat platter is a great way to sample a little of everything including the ribs.

The brisket, their tacos and their chicken are all superb but the true star of the show by some distance is their ribs. Divine is a great word to describe them, but even that feels as if it falls a bit short.

Off the Bone Barbeque

6. Smokey Joe’s BBQ

Smokey Joe’s BBQ was established in December 1985. And, it’s clear that any business doing their thing for over three decades is going to be the real deal.

They are known for amazing pork spare ribs, loaded baked potatoes, and a famous buttermilk pie. So, make sure you try a little bit of everything.

Smokey Joe’s BBQ

7. Cousins

Calvin (aka “Boots”) and Beverly Payne opened the doors to their first Cousins Restaurant in 1983. They serve Texas-size portions of handcrafted, authentic “low-and-slow” BBQ from recipes handed down for generations.

They offer both beef and pork ribs with some of the most succulent meat you are ever going to taste in your life. Their ribs are a true work of art.


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