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The 7 Best Restaurants For Valentine's Day In Washington, DC

Here are the Best Restaurants For Valentine's Day in Washington, DC

Valentine’s Day 2020 is quickly approaching and organised couples looking to snag a spot at one of their city’s hottest restaurants are beginning to make plans for the big day. Visiting the United States’ capital city? There are tons of great restaurants in Washington, DC for Valentine’s Day.

While you’ll miss the beautiful cherry blossoms by a bit over a month, there’s still something charming and romantic about Washington, DC on Valentine’s Day. Cosy walks around the city’s various historic monuments as you snuggle up to bae? Sounds like the perfect Valentine’s Day to us.

But, Valentine’s Day is about more than just cold weather snuggles and even candlelit dinners. We’ve found the best restaurants for Valentine’s Day in Washington, DC that offer a complete dining experience with some added extra details. Prepare for an evening of romance and charm.

Best Restaurants For Valentine’s Day In Washington, DC, How do these rankings work?

1. Green Pig Bistro

Located in Arlington, about 15 minutes southwest from Washington, DC, the Green Pig Bistro is a kitschy spot serving up American-French dishes to the masses. It’s modern and upscale yet fun and fresh. In short, it’s one of the best restaurants for Valentine’s Day in the DC area. Reserve a table in order to enjoy a special romantic menu they’ve designed just for the romantic day.

Green Pig Bistro

2. Fiola Mare

It’s hard to beat both the views and the undeniably romantic vibes at Fiola Mare. Its location in the Washington Harbour ensures that you and bae can cosy up to a world-class cocktail or glass of luxurious wine as you enjoy river views in a luxe, modern setting. Enjoy a special tasting menu on Valentine’s Day that centres around fresh Italian dishes done up in the most elegant manner possible.

Fiola Mare

3. Lincoln Restaurant

It’s hard to visit Washington, DC and not try out the Lincoln Restaurant. With a floor made of pennies and other Lincoln-themed decors, it’s a nice dive into the cultural side of Washington, DC. The special Valentine’s Day menu will be available all weekend long, so you have until the 16th to enjoy a three-course tasting menu. It includes a glass of champagne and is only $60 per person.

Lincoln Restaurant

4. Buena Vida

Add a little spice to your life this Valentine’s Day and spend the evening in the ultra-trendy Buena Vida restaurant. Featuring a quaint, romantically-lit dining room, the Vazquez Lugo family of Mexico City delivers traditional dishes that tantalise every single one of your tastebuds. Treat yourselves to an endless stream of small plates and special drinks for the evening. Valentine’s Day has never tasted so good.

Buena Vida

5. Sfoglina

Wanna really surprise your date with something special on Valentine’s Day? Take them to one of Washington, DC’s hottest Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurants. Sfoglina follows true Italian pasta-making tradition, offering guests the chance to indulge in what’s absolutely the DC area’s best Italian food. The Valentine’s Day menu features delectable chocolate and caramel tart served with a black cherry compote.


6. Bresca

This Logan Circle hotspot serves up “unexpected flavours forged from nature and mingled with a flourish.” The restaurant is avant-garde and French-inspired, following philosophies tracing all the way back to Parisian bistro culture. On February 14th, they’re offering a luxurious six-course tasting menu and optional wine pairing. Definitely opt for the wine pairing.


7. Kingbird

Kingbird is described as “dramatic fine dining room” offering sweeping views of the Potomac River. It’s the perfect spot for Valentine’s Day dinner in Washington, DC if you’re after the perfect mix of stunning architecture and world-class Mediterranean cuisine. Last year, Valentine’s Day dinner was accompanied by a live violinist and a rose petal-infused Kir Royales. In short, it’s the setting for a super romantic evening.


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