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The 7 Best Places For Ribs In Indianapolis

Here are the Best Places For Ribs in Indianapolis

Tender meat falling off the bone, the juicy flavours – sweet and tangy – of the sauces: these are the essential ingredients that make the ribs in Indianapolis the best. And the amount? The racks are so big they spill over the plate!

Here’s what you do – work up an appetite, grab a few of your friends, look through our list of some of the top places to eat the best Indianapolis ribs, make a beeline for them, and tell ’em Big Seven Travel sent ya!

Best Ribs In Indianapolis, How do these rankings work?

1. King Ribs Bar-B-Q

King Ribs established one of the first drive-thru barbecue restaurants in Indiana, and now has two locations in the city. Their sticky ribs are the real deal: a hearty slab is slathered in sauce with just the right amount of char. You’ll be licking your lips before you’ve even driven off with your feast.

King Ribs Bar-B-Q

2. The North End BBQ

Choose from Memphis or St Louis-style ribs at this fantastic restaurant that honours all things barbecue. The ribs here are proper competition-standard, meaning the meat comes off the bone beautifully, with just a gentle little tug. It’s bite-off-the-bone rather than fall off.

There’s also a pretty patio for outdoor dining with a retractable roof, lounge seating and an outdoor fireplace – the ideal BBQ feasting spot.

The North End BBQ

3. His Place Eatery

At His Place Eatery they combine their love of smoking meat with only the finest ingredients to create a near fine dining experience.

Sample their pork ribs to start and then work your way on to their rib tips. With a 12 spice rub and smoked to perfection over hickory wood, you’ll be licking the last bit of flavour off of each bone for sure.

His Place Eatery

4. Weber Grill Restaurant

With savoury baby back ribs, Weber Grill is absolutely killing it when it comes to delivering top-notch barbecue to hungry Indianapolis residents. Their ribs are just juicy enough so that, with each bite, flavour oozes off of the bone.

Or, check out their regular ribs special, with a lemongrass chili glaze, basil and sesame.

Weber Grill Restaurant

5. Squealers Award Winning Barbeque

It’s all in the name – this BBQ really is award-winning. Wood-fired, smoked, and fresh, the ribs at Squealers are so outstanding that you’ll feel as if you’re tearing into the freshest meat in all of the country. The smoky smell of their ribs wafts into the taste, creating an unforgettable explosion of flavours upon the first bite.

Squealers Award Winning Barbeque

6. Bar-B-Q Heaven

Bar-B-Q Heaven was founded in 1952, so the folks here sure know what they’re doing. With years of experience under their belt, they finely craft, smoke, and smother some of the best ribs in the city.

The spare ribs are artfully selected to feature only the highest quality of meat, then smoked for a rich flavour. There are turkey ribs too if you want something different.

Bar-B-Q Heaven

7. Grilliant Foods

They coat the ribs in a mixture of rub and other secret spices to make them delicious and tender, then smoke ’em for 10-12 hours. The meat, which is smoked on-site, fills up the entire neighbourhood with the most savoury smell you can imagine. The taste? Even better.

Grilliant Foods

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