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The 7 Best Vegan Restaurants In San Francisco

Here are the Best Vegan Restaurants in San Francisco

Veganism is one of the fastest growing lifestyle choices of the moment, yet there’s still an idea that vegan food can be bland and tasteless. Well, that’s just not true. Plant produce is an exciting and delicious way to eat and it’s healthy AF. These amazing vegan restaurants in San Francisco prove just that.

From vegan sushi to high-end eateries, San Fran is one city that caters to all tastes. Vegans, veggies and everything in between can happily eat their heart out here…

Best vegan restaurants in San Francisco, How do these rankings work?

1. Shizen Vegan Sushi Bar and Izakaya

This vegan sushi bar combines classic shojin and sushi techniques with local, seasonal ingredients to create healthy and flavourful dishes. Sushi is filled with smoked beets or spicy tofu and is to-die-for.

Shizen Vegan Sushi Bar and Izakaya

2. Gracias Madre

Vegan Mexican? Yes please. Gracias Madre is the best place in the city for organic, non-GMO and vegan Mexican food that’s actually creative and authentic. The menu is seasonal, with ingredients coming from their own farm and homemade tortillas. Think: butternut squash quesadillas with spicy cashew nacho cheese and pumpkin seed salsa.

Gracias Madre

3. Ananda Fuara

The name of this hole-in-the-wall veggie joint means “fountain of delight,” and it certainly lives up to it. The menu is vegan and vegan-on-request and has all sorts of comforting dishes. From curry to their famous ‘Neatloaf’ sandwich, you’re sure to have a seriously good meal here.

Ananda Fuara

4. The Butcher’s Son

Make your way to Berkeley for this all-vegan food joint that’s become a favourite amongst vegans and non-vegans alike. The Butcher’s Son is one of the best vegan restaurants in the San Francisco area. It’s a classic deli that makes all its “meats” and “cheeses” in house, for droolworthy creations like a vegan steak Banh Mi.

The Butcher’s Son

5. VeganBurg

Vegan burgers. Need we say more? VeganBurg makes the most amazing plant-based burgers with farm fresh greens, GMO free patty, and gourmet sauce. Add on tasty chik’n tenders or seaweed fries. As if all that wasn’t tempting enough, there’s non-dairy soft serve for dessert…


6. CyBelle’s Front Room

CyBelle’s Front Room is somewhat of a hidden vegan gem in San Fran. It’s an Italian-style spot that has an entire vegan menu, as well as plenty of vegan pizzas. Pizza toppings include a plant-based lemon pepper shrimp, and come with a side of their housemade vegan garlic parmesan made from roasted cashews. Finish it off with some vegan beignets.

CyBelle’s Front Room

7. Nick’s Kitchen

Nick’s Kitchen is an absolute showstopper that serves up vegan versions of traditional, homestyle Filipino dishes. Expect dishes such as “chicken” adobo and Pancit noodles or a mock meat Shanghai Lumpia. There’s also the famous Halo Halo dessert with purple Ube ice cream to finish things off on an extra sweet note.

Nick’s Kitchen

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