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The 7 Best Vegan Restaurants In Charlotte

Here are the Best Vegan Restaurants in Charlotte

North Carolina is home to the best BBQ in America, but you’ll also find that this southern state is filled with an array of delightful vegan restaurants, too. More specifically, Charlotte seems to be a hotspot for some of the best vegan restaurants in the world.

If you’re looking for plant-based food in Charlotte, North Carolina, then you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best vegan restaurants in Charlotte just for you. Try one or try them all – there’s something on this list for everybody.

Best Vegan Restaurants In Charlotte, How do these rankings work?

1. Bean Vegan Cuisine

The wholesome food here will excite and surprise vegans and non-vegans alike. From burgers to breakfast, BBQ to buffalo fingers, and everything in between, their menu offers the kind of variety for vegan comfort food that’s missing in North Carolina.

Bean Vegan Cuisine

2. EastSide Local Eatery

From vegan raw food to the delicious, downhome coffee shop vibes you’ll find, EastSide Local Eatery is more than just one of the best vegan restaurants in Charlotte. Here, it feels more like a gathering place for like-minded individuals looking to indulge in some plant-based treats. Excellent vibes and even better food – check and check.

EastSide Local Eatery

3. Living Kitchen

From breakfast to dinner and even dessert, Living Kitchen’s commitment to serving delicious plant-based food to locals is impressive and undeniable. While pretty much everything on their menu is incredible, we especially recommend the Living Burrito.

Living Kitchen

4. Ma Ma Wok

Chinese food’s always been fairly vegetarian-friendly. But, this Chinese restaurant recently went full vegan and locals can’t get enough of it. Expect to enjoy mock duck and superb shrimp-less shrimp as you indulge in all of your usual favourites that are now meat-free and 100% plant-based.

Ma Ma Wok

5. VelTree

Every southern city’s got their local vegan soul food restaurant now, and VelTree is Charlotte’s claim to fame. VeltTree is without a doubt one of the best vegan restaurants in Charlotte. But, they also serve up some of the most mouthwatering vegan soul food in the entire country. Vegan fried chicken, anybody?


6. Fern Flavors From the Garden

Using only fresh, local ingredients the flavourful dishes here taste as if they’ve just come from a lush garden. The trendy, rustic locale pairs perfectly with farmhouse decor and all-natural cuisine to create a truly enjoyable vegan dining experience here.

Fern Flavors From the Garden

7. Pure Pizza

You’ll find this industrial pizza joint tucked away inside of the 7th St Market where they’ve designed a special vegan menu for guests who want to enjoy quality pizza without the dairy. From doughy knots to delectable craft pizzas, this place gives every vegan exactly what they want.

Pure Pizza

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