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From picturesque, snow-capped mountain ranges, to quaint prairies, Wyoming is one of the most beautiful states in the US. Home to some of the country's most diverse wildlife, Wyoming has some of the most unique and incredible experiences for any adventure-seeking traveller. The state is known to be friendly and welcoming, with its Western flair and historical small towns. The state offers a fresh new approach to Western life, and is a must see for any traveller.

You can book your Wyoming car rental in advance with Enjoy Travel for the best deals, with average prices per day just $48 for a standard vehicle like a Toyota Corolla. You’ll find spacious SUVs such as a Toyota RAV4 for about $59 per day.

Guide to Wyoming


Bordered by Montana, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska and South Dakota, Wyoming is surrounded by a vast range of states and can be divided into three of its major geographical regions: the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountains and the Intermontane Basins.

The Great Plains are covered with foliage and short grass and span across the eastern part of the state. This region contains the Devils Tower National Monument, located in the Black Hills, which is the first national monument.

The Rocky Mountains, on the other hand, run from the North to the South of the state, and Grand Teton National Park can be found here. Along with this, the world’s first national park, Yellowstone, is also located here and is well known for erupting roughly 17 times a day.

Lastly, the Intermontane Basins is between the mountain ranges and includes the famous Red Desert, which is the largest dune system in the whole of the US.


Wyoming is elevated which results in having a relatively cool climate generally. The warmest parts of the state are at the lower elevation levels, along the Eastern border – with the highest recorded temperature being 114° F in 1900.

Things to do in Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park

The world’s first-ever national park, Yellowstone National Park is a sight everyone should see when visiting Wyoming. With over 2 million acres of the national park, with Bison and other wildlife roaming around the valleys, including bears, elk, antelope, walks, and eagles. Throughout the whole of the park, there are a number of breath-taking natural landmarks, including the Lamar Valley, Old Faithful, and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, just to mention a few.

Although most people drive through the park, we recommend, if you have the time, to take some time out to hike through it – this is by far the best way to see everything Yellowstone has to offer. By hiking, you will get up close and personal with lots of the wildlife and individual ecosystems, and you reduce the risk of missing anything while traveling by car.

Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area

It is no shock to anyone where the Flaming Gorge got its name when you first visit this national recreation area. The bright red sandstone cliff that stretches from the Green River in Wyoming, all the way into Utah is a sight to be seen.

The Flaming Gorge is an extremely popular place for people to come swimming, camping, kayaking and fishing, with adventure seekers often taking the time to see what the gorge has to offer them. Above the canyon, you will find the Ren Canyon Vista and Visitors Centre, which both offer incredible views of the gorge.

Devils Tower National Monument

Towering over Wyoming’s plains and the Belle Fourche River at a massive 1,200 feet, the Devils Tower National Monument is a natural phenomenon. If you are in and around the North-eastern parts of Wyoming, the Devils Tower is something to be seen.

At the visitor’s centre, you will find details on the geology of the volcanic sculpture, along with the history and culture that surrounds it. Once you have taken the time to properly explore the monument, if you are a keen hiker, you are able to hike along over eight miles of a natural trail, which threads through the surrounding forest. If you visit during the spring and summer months, you will be welcomed by thousands of wildflowers, which make for a perfectly ‘instagrammable’ shot.

Another popular thing to do here is go rock climbing during certain months, and other ranger-led activities in and around the area.

The Buffalo Bill Centre of the West

Located in Cody, the Buffalo Bill Centre of the West is made up of 5 museums that show artifacts from the life of the legendary American soldier and performer, Buffalo Bill Cody.

One of the museums, the Cody Firearms Museum, contains a massive collection of firearms from all over the world. Additionally, there are also exhibits and artifacts displayed, which is a real treat for art lovers from across the globe.

The centre is located near the rodeo grounds, where some of the most expert cowboys reside, and perform shows in the summer.

Eating out in Wyoming

Snake River Grill.

If you are looking for a varied restaurant, Snake River Grill is one for you. This upscale restaurant serves a delicious selection of both meat and fish dishes and overlooks Jackson’s Town Square. Foodies from all over the world come to Snake River Grill to try out their delicious array of food, and almost always come back for more.

Bella's Bistro.

Fancy a taste of Italy? Bella’s Bistro might just be the one for you. Serving delicious pastas, steaks and seafood dishes, Bella’s Bistro is a taste of Italy in the heart of Wyoming. It is an iconic restaurant in Saratoga, which is home to some of Wyoming’s best and tastiest restaurants..

Piste Mountain Bistro.

For a completely unique dining experience, you will want to visit Piste Mountain Bistro. Before you even arrive at the restaurant, you have to take a gondola to the top of the Rendezvous Bowl at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. From there, you will be taken to the restaurant where you will find an excellent menu, full of beautiful dishes – and a view that will take your breath away. .

Old Yellowstone Garage.

Looking for local, fresh ingredients? Look no further. Old Yellowstone Garage offers some of the state’s most exquisite homemade pasta dishes, with a warming and welcoming atmosphere to accompany it. The menu draws in influences from Switzerland and France, and is a popular spot that was inspired by Eden in Italy. .

The menu has been refreshed over the years and is now an impressive selection of all sorts of Italian delicacies. Along with this, there is an impressive wine and cocktail list too..

Liberty Burger.

If Americans know one thing, it is meat and bear. Liberty Burger is all things American, with both an excellent selection of beers and meat dishes. Although Liberty Burger caters heavily to the meat-lovers among us – they do also cater for people who might prefer something a bit more vegetarian-friendly; their salads and shakes are some of the best in the area. However, for the meat eaters, you simply must try the perfectly-grilled, ethically-sourced burgers of varying flavours – you can even create your own, upon request.

Wyoming Transport


There is one international airport in Wyoming, Jackson Hole Airport. There’s several smaller regional airports, including Yellowstone Regional and Laramie Regional airports.

Getting around Wyoming

Wyoming is a vehicle-dependent state. In order to get around comfortably and efficiently, the best way to see the sights is by hiring a car. The majority of people who visit the state end up hiring a car, so we recommend if you are considering hiring one, to rent one well in advance, to avoid disappointment – we especially recommend doing this in the peak summer and winter months, during the holiday seasons, because car rentals typically sell out completely.

However, if you plan to spend a lot of time in one place, you will be able to take taxis around locally. Unfortunately, there is no train service into Wyoming, but there is a bus network that has excellent routes to most of the cities within the state. The bus will take you to popular destinations, but to get to the more remote towns, you will want to have a car.

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The average cost per day of renting a car in Wyoming is just $48.
Prices for Wyoming car rentals start from just $31 when booking in advance with Enjoy Travel.
To rent a car in Wyoming you must be at least 21 years old.
Additional drivers can be added to your Wyoming car rental agreement upon request.
Explore Wyoming with a spacious and comfortable SUV like a Ford Expedition or similar.
Cheyenne is the capital of Wyoming.
In 2019 the population of of Wyoming was of 578,759 million.
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