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Coming from the French words ‘vert mont,’ meaning ‘green mountain’, Vermont is a state surrounded by natural beauty. Along with this, its white churches, large red barns and clapboard houses give Vermont a picturesque image of a standard Yankee American state – that is welcoming to all visitors. Book your Vermont car rental in advance with Enjoy Travel for the best deals. Daily car rental prices in Vermont average at just $98 for a spacious SUV like a Jeep Compass.

Guide to Vermont


Known as the ‘Green Mountain State,’ thanks to its French influence and outstanding natural beauty, Vermont is located to the West, at the edge of New England. Vermont is known for the Green Mountains, which run along the west of the state. These Green Mountains, along with the Hudson River, Lake George and Lake Champlain act as a natural boundary between Vermont and its neighboring state, New York.


Weatherwise, the best time to visit Vermont would be from the late spring to mid-fall, around May to October time.

Given the state's natural beauty, it is no wonder that during the summer months Vermont sees a massive increase in tourists, all flooding in to see the Green Mountains and other naturally beautiful state parks. Whereas spring, on the other hand tends to be quieter, as April is typically wet and muddy – which isn’t what you want when taking long, nature trail walks.

Vermont is known to have regular thunderstorms in the spring and early summer months, including lightning and rain, which can become quite serious in the highland and mountainous areas of the state. In winter, on the other hand, it is likely you’ll see plenty of snowstorms and frequent blizzards which, in some cases, can last a long time and create unsafe, icy conditions.

Vermont Maple Farms

During the fall months in Vermont, there is no missing the bright colors of the red maple trees in the state's landscape. Thanks to these trees, Vermont is the nation's top producer of maple syrup, which is what the state is most famous for – so you can’t make a trip to Vermont without visiting one of the famous Maple Farms. The best time of year to experience the maple syrup industry in its full glory is between February and April, when the sugar houses are full and you are free to sample the golden syrup as it is made in front of you.

During this time, the locals have what is known as a ‘sugaring off’ party. Many farms have these parties, and they take visitors out by horse-drawn wagons to serve them warm cider and fresh donuts – what could be better than that?

Although this is very season specific, there are farms that allow you to visit any time of year, for you to learn about the maple syrup creation process and even sample some of the syrup. One brilliant farm is a family-owned maple syrup farm called Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks. At Morse Farm, they allow you to sample their maple products and even let you watch some of the syrup making process. The farm has a gift shop, with a wide range of maple products, along with other souvenirs to take home from Vermont.

Another of the farms that allow you to visit all year round for viewings and samplings is Sugarbush Farm based in Woodstock. Sugarbush Farm allows you to sample not only their maple products, but their cheese products too. Their shop offers a wide range of farm-made jams, meats and local delicacies.

Things to do in Vermont

Vermont is unlike any other state, with its mystical natural beauty, and manmade wonders; from the Green Mountains, to covered bridges; there is a little something for everyone in this state. In one breath, you can see all of Vermont for its natural and scenic wonder, and in another you can witness inner city life, watching people scurry round the busy malls of Manchester.

Vermont has so much to offer, and some of its top attractions will take your breath away

Church Street Marketplace

An eye-catching mural called Everyone Loves a Parade by Pierre Hardy decorates one of the main walls on the street, and it is surrounded by equally as impressive artwork by other artists from all over the world.

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Vermont that is close to all the action, Hotel Vermont is only a block away from Church Street and is rich with a local community feel, while also offering gorgeous views of Lake Champlain.

Quechee Gorge

The deepest gorge in Vermont was formed over 13,000 years ago by glaciers, and has only continued to deepen. The Quechee Gorge is best to view from the walkway along a manmade iron bridge, and the view is a natural beauty unlike any other.

Along the gorge, there is a trail that leads through the woods, where you can see it from a slightly different angle. And, if you follow the route through, you will find VINS (Vermont Institute of Natural Sciences), which is a center for injured wildlife, such as raptors, who are rehabilitated and then returned out into the wild.

Take a guided tour

There is no better way to truly see what Vermont has to offer, than having a guided tour from someone who knows the state well. There are a few guided tour companies you might want to consider:

Vermontology Guided Tours are a company who offer brewery and attractions tours. This company is based in Burlington, Killington, Stowe, and Woodstock.

4 Points VT offers tours from Stowe, including brewery and mountainous tours. 

If you are into more of the historical, or natural beauty tours, then Backroad Discovery Tours are the one for you. They leave from Manchester and offer a wide range of tours.

Eating out in Vermont

Vermont is full of exciting things to see and do, but as we know, there is more to vacation than just sightseeing – we need to know where to eat out too. People all over the USA come to Vermont to try out some of the tastiest, imaginative and fresh dishes the country has to offer. Some of the menus are too good to miss, so take note of a few of them below for your next trip to Vermont.

Jessica’s at Swift House Inn Restaurant 

Come for the food, stay for the wine list – Jessica’s is more than just a restaurant, it is a haven for wine lovers everywhere. Not only is this restaurant set in a beautiful location, but it has a gorgeous dining room, engaging bartenders and wines list unlike any other. Jessica’s is the ideal place to come for a delicious meal, or to just take in the scenery at the bar and sip on some of the finest wines the state has to offer.

The Mill at Simon Pearce

Situated next to a stunning natural waterfall, the Mill at Simon Pearce is a charming New England setting that is a must-visit, which will offer you a dining experience like no other. For all the foodies out there, there are an excellent array of starters and all food is prepared individually, with beautiful plating – the courses are almost pieces of art.The Silver Fork

Melody and Mark, owners of the famous Silver Fork restaurant, are known for their delicious food and welcoming atmosphere – they are always on hand with suggestions, tips and even special requests. When you visit the Silver Fork, make sure to prepare yourself for its fantastic wine selection, unique cocktails, attentive service and, most importantly, it's fantastic food. The menu is extremely varied, and given it only has 26 seats available, reservations at this quaint and popular restaurant are a must.

Vermont Transport


The main airport in Vermont is Burlington International Airport.

Getting around Vermont

Travelling in and around Vermont is easy, with the options of walking, hiring your own car, taking public transport or even taking a boat trip; Vermont is an easy-access state for all. For those of you who may be traveling to Vermont without a car, you might want to be aware of the alternative travel options available to you.

You can find local bus routes near where you’re staying in Vermont, but Greyhound and Megabus offer various services near where you’re staying in Vermont, but Greyhound and Megabus offer various services across parts of the state. Along with this, companies such as Green Mountain Transit and The Current also offer services in the area. Cabs and cab-alternatives

  • Lyft is an excellent alternative to hailing a cab, and luckily is available across the entire state of Vermont.
  • Another great alternative is Green Cab VT, which is available in the areas of Burlington and Montpelier.
  • Blazer Cab is another, which is also available in Burlington, along with Stowe and Middlebury.

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FAQs about car rental in Vermont

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The average cost per day of renting a car in Vermont is just $98.
Prices for Vermont car rentals start from just $74 when booking in advance with Enjoy Travel.
To rent a car in Vermont you must be at least 21 years old.
Additional drivers can be added to your Vermont car rental agreement upon request.
Drive around Vermont’s scenic countryside with a spacious and comfortable SUV like a Ford Dodge or similar.
The average cost per day of renting a car in Vermont is just $53.96 USD.
Prices for Vermont car rentals start from just $43.53 USD when booking in advance with Enjoy Travel.
To rent a car in Vermont you must be at least 21. However, drivers under 25 may have to pay a surcharge.
Additional drivers can be added to your Vermont car rental agreement upon request.
Montpelier is the capital of Vermont.
In 2019 the population of of Vermont was of 623.989.
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