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Known as the 'Sunshine State', Florida is an iconic and dynamic state located in the southeast of the USA. Boasting diverse landscapes, beautiful sunny weather, and stunning beaches, it's a no-brainer as to why the region attracts tourists from across the globe.

In order to cater to the flock of tourists that visit each year, Florida hosts a diverse range of hotels. From the glamorous resorts of Miami Beach, to the charming boutique hotels in Key West, the Sunshine State ensures to accommodate every kind of traveler.

Orlando renowned as ‘The Theme Park Capital of the World' lives up to its title with the world-famous Walt Disney World as well as many more famous and exciting sites. The city hosts a plethora of family-friendly hotels ensuring a comfortable stay for you and your children.

Miami Beach is a hub for luxury hotels, boasting iconic names such as Fontainebleau and the Ritz-Carlton. The glitz and glamour attract celebrities, entrepreneurs, and jet-setters from around the globe.

Those seeking a haven of white sandy beaches blanketed with tranquillity, escape to the Emerald Coast, Gulf Coast, and Panhandle regions. The beachfront resorts and eco-friendly lodges provide a relaxing stay to unwind and recharge.

Florida's hotel industry continues to evolve and develop with the intention of eco-friendly and sustainable accommodations. A welcoming and comfortable stay is the overall mantra for hotels in Florida, as well as providing a gateway to the state's diverse attractions.

Cheap Hotels in Florida

Finding cheap hotels in Florida is more than possible due to its popularity attracting every type of traveler. Those who are more budget-conscious should definitely book in advance and try to avoid tourist peak seasons.

Here are some affordable options that provide a comfortable stay without having to break the bank:

Motels and Budget Chains: There are excellent budget-friendly hotels and motel chains scattered across Florida among cities and highways. These accommodations are a great choice for short stays, or for travelers that don’t mind staying somewhere simple with limited facilities.

Hostels: If you're a solo traveler or fancy an experience of sharing with travelers from around the world, then go ahead and book one of the hostels provided in Orlando, Miami, and Tampa. They offer dormitory-style rooms as well as private rooms at reasonable prices.

Vacation Rentals: Search EnjoyTravel.com for apartments, condos, and villa rentals. A great cost-effective choice for families and groups, with a kitchen to cook your own food shaving a good chunk off daily expenses.

Discover Florida's Secrets and Surprises

Florida is famous for its iconic, world-famous attractions. However, many are unaware that the Sunshine State is also home to a wealth of hidden gems and secrets waiting to be unraveled.

Hidden Springs: Calling nature and water lovers to set out to explore the hidden springs boasting crystal clear waters. Ichetucknee Springs and Silver Springs invite you to dive in for snorkeling and explore underwater hidden caves.

Historic Treasures: History buffs will be fascinated by the ancient stories echoing through the oldest city in America which happens to be located in Florida. St. Augustine boasts historic forts, cobbled streets, and hidden courtyards waiting to be discovered.

Remote Islands: Fancy a bit of adventure? Then venture off the beaten path down the unpopular routes! You'll discover remote beauty such as Gasparilla Island and Dry Tortugas offering pristine beaches and an ancient fortress.

Must see sites

Florida is a highly popular travel destination for good reason. With its plethora of activities, world-famous sites, and exciting attractions, all visitors from solo travelers to families are well looked after.

1. Walt Disney World Resort: Orlando City is home to the world's most famous theme park complex featuring Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Disney's Animal Kingdom.

2. Universal Orlando Resort: Orlando also hosts the wizarding world of Harry Potter where visitors are able to fully immerse themselves into the magic through thrilling rides and shows.

3. Miami Beach: Those seeking sun, sea, and sand should head over to this strip inviting visitors to relax and laze the day away. Make sure to check out the famous Art Deco architecture and those who stay past sunset can enjoy the vibrant nightlife.

4. Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex (Cape Canaveral): Space enthusiasts will be zapped straight into the galaxy with this exciting educational site. Take your time learning about the history of space exploration, discover rockets, and a lucky few may even be able to witness a rocket launch!

How to Choose the Cheapest Hotel for your stay in Florida

Choosing the perfect hotel for your stay in Florida will greatly enhance your overall experience. There's nothing worse on vacation than being disappointed by your accommodation.

Concerned that by saving the pennies you'll have to compromise on quality? No need to worry - at EnjoyTravel.com, we’re here to help secure you the best deal. We believe our customers deserve comfort as well as affordability, which is why we strive to provide you with the best options during your accommodation hunt. Our extensive database of accommodations provides you with a wide range of options to suit different budgets and preferences. We do all of the hard work for you, by comparing prices, reading reviews, and accessing exclusive deals. You're sure to be well looked after with EnjoyTravel.com whether you're visiting for a business trip or a family getaway.

It can be overwhelming trying to put together a plan in order to book your trip. Follow our top tips to help give you some structure during your accommodation hunt:

1. Book in advance: Searching for deals last minute doesn’t always work. Determine the dates you wish to travel and book as early as you can to secure the best prices and ensure availability.

2. Research and compare: Our extensive search engine has everything you need to help you compare hotels across the state. Utilize the filters to narrow down your search and receive more specific results.

3. Consider amenities: You may be a business traveler or a family looking to get away. Whatever your situation may be, it's important to determine which facilities would be important for your stay. Those traveling for work may need fast Wi-Fi and work spaces, whereas those with children may prefer a swimming pool or on-site restaurant.

4. Budget: Setting a price range is important in helping you avoid overspending. Simply use the filters in our search engine and adjust the price accordingly. You'll be provided with a range of options within your budget.

5. Consider location: Determine the proximity of the hotel to the attractions or areas you plan to visit, ensuring convenience during your stay. This also saves money on travel costs.

6. Explore different accommodation types: It's also beneficial to look beyond traditional hotels and consider alternative options such as budget chains, guesthouses, hostels, and serviced apartments. These can often provide more affordable rates while still offering comfortable places.

7. Consider the time of travel: Avoiding major holidays or peak tourist periods is a major tip to help you find cheaper options.

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FAQs about hotels in the Florida

Most frequently asked questions about booking a hotel in the Florida

Use the price filter on EnjoyTravel.com to stay within your budget whilst searching.
Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, Miami Beach, and the Kennedy Space Center are some of the popular attractions in Florida.
Use our extensive search engine on EnjoyTravel.com to find the perfect hotel that will accommodate all of your needs.
If you wish to avoid crowds and high prices, we recommend planning your trip during the off-season, in late spring (May) and early fall (September to October). For mild and pleasant weather the winter months are ideal.
Due to the large size and numerous attractions scattered across the state, renting a car is the most convenient and affordable option allowing you to travel with ease and flexibility. EnjoyTravel.com offers a wide range of vehicles to suit every budget and need.
Our handy comparison tool does all of the hard work for you by comparing the huge selection of hotels scattered across the state, helping you choose the best option for you.
A few examples of hotels that provide conference facilities, meeting rooms, and high-speed internet are: The Ritz-Carlton Orlando Grande Lakes, Hyatt Regency Orlando, Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort, Fontainebleau Miami Beach.
Budget chain motels such as Motel 6, Super 8, and Days Inn are excellent options.

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