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Fondly known as ‘The Magnolia State’, Mississippi is perhaps the most quintessentially Southern state in America. It shares its name, which means ‘great waters’ or ‘father of waters’ in the Ojibwe language, with the River Mississippi. It’s always been a largely rural state, though it’s been slowly urbanizing since the 1950s. Today, it is best known for being the birthplace of the blues and for its role in the American Civil War. Pre-book your rental car with Enjoy Travel to enjoy a stress-free trip.

Guide to Mississippi



Mississippi can be roughly divided into four regions: the northern Hills, eastern Pines, southern Coastal Region, southwestern Capital/River, and northwestern Delta. Its most prominent geographical feature is the River Mississippi.

Climate in Mississippi

Mississippi has a humid subtropical climate, with long, humid summers and only brief winters. Rainfall is present throughout the year.


Mississippi has more churches per capita than any other state in the country. It also happens to have the largest African American population in the US. Much of its folklore revolves around the River Mississippi.

Things to do in Mississippi


Hail the King

One of the greatest blues musicians of all time, B.B Kings, was born and raised in Indianola, Mississippi. To learn more about his career – and how the Delta region shaped his life – visit the B.B King Museum and Delta Interpretive Centre. Here, you can immerse yourself in all the placards, artifacts, films, and tours that keep King’s memory alive.

Remember the Battle of Vicksburg

During the Civil War, a major strategic asset for the Confederate army was the city of Vicksburg, a supply hub with a port and railroad junction. To keep it from falling into Union hands, the Confederates dug trenches and built several forts around it, stacking up a whopping 170 cannons. Stop by at the Vicksburg National Military Park to find out what happened when the two armies finally clashed!

Lounge on a barrier island beach

In the Gulf of Mexico sits a group of islands, classified as part of Florida and Mississippi, that boasts gorgeous, isolated beaches and plenty of swimming spots. Head out to the Gulf Islands National Seashore to kick back and really enjoy that southern sunshine.

Eating out in Mississippi


For some traditional southern food with a twist, like seared grouper or wagyu burgers, head to Parlor Market in Jackson. Lovers of seafood will be delighted by the bizarre dishes at places like The Reef, Biloxi (they serve alligator quesadillas!), or the traditional Greek delicacies at Mayflower Cafe in Jackson. If you’re looking for some sophisticated dining, order brunch at Weidmann’s in Meridian.

Mississippi Transport



Mississippi has 6 major airports, of which the Jackson-Evers International Airport (JAN) is the busiest and best connected.

Driving in Mississippi

Since Mississippi is still very rural, it can be hard to find public transport options to go from city to city. Rent a car to explore the state instead. Two reliable car rental agencies serving Mississippi are Enterprise and Budget.

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FAQs about car rental in Mississippi

Most frequently asked questions about renting a car in Mississippi

On average, the cost of renting a car in Mississippi is just $57.05 per day.
Mississippi car rental prices start from just $49.23 when you book your car in advance with Enjoy Travel.
Jackson is the capital of Mississippi.
In 2019 the population of of Mississippi was of 2.976 million.
To rent a car in Mississippi, you must be aged at least 21.
Additional drivers can usually be added to your Mississippi car rental agreement.
The best car for getting around Mississippi is a Ford Focus or similar compact car.
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