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The Midwestern state of Indiana may have a reputation for being rural and traditional, but its people are far from placid – as you’ll find out if you ever watch a basketball game here. Indiana was the birthplace of many of America’s NBA greats, including Kent Benson, Steve Alford and Larry Bird, and you can almost feel this fierce pride in the air. However, even if you’re not into sports, it offers plenty of recreational venues, both indoors as well as outdoors. Pre-book your Indiana car rental with Enjoy Travel for a seamless trip.

Guide to Indiana


Indiana is bordered by four states: Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois. It is usually divided into three areas: the Great Lakes Plain, Tipton Till Plain, and Southern Hills and Lowlands.

Climate in Indiana

In the past, Indiana’s climate was solely of the humid continental type, but in recent years, it has also developed a humid subtropical climate. Summers are extremely muggy, and winters can be freezing. Visit in spring (March to May), when daily temperatures are just right.


The name Indiana means ‘land of the Indians.’ Although the state is predominantly white (88%), it also has growing African American, Hispanic, and Native American populations.

Things to do in Indiana

Go hiking in a natural reserve

The Hoosier National Forest, one of the largest expanses of wilderness in the state, is a great place to go hiking, fishing or horseback riding. It’s especially good for camping trips with family, as the wildlife – consisting of deer, foxes, opossums and so on – is relatively harmless.

Examine contemporary indigenous art

When they hear of indigenous art, most people would think of petroglyphs and pre-Columbian artifacts. However, the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indian and Western Art reminds us, the contemporary experiences of indigenous people in America are just as worthy of our attention. In the museum, you’ll find several pieces by Native American artists from the 19th century onwards. These explore political themes such as identity, culture, and agency.

Look around a war memorial

In 1779, an American officer named George Rogers Clark successfully besieged a British fort and captured the general commanding it. Today, Clark is remembered by the inhabitants of Vincennes, Indiana, who built a memorial, the George Rogers Clark National Historical Park, to celebrate his victory. Locals believe that the park sits on the land where Fort Sackville once stood.

Eating out in Indiana

To kick off your Indiana trip, eat pork tenderloin at Tinker Street Restaurant and Wine Bar, Indianapolis. Its name belies a fairly sophisticated dining experience. Next, try the Pizza Alla Quattro Formaggio at Bazbeaux Pizza, a restaurant named after a court jester who once sailed with Amerigo Vespucci. Schnitzelbank, in Jasper, serves delightful schnitzels and kraut balls. If you’d like to briefly visit Louisiana without leaving Indiana just yet, head to Bistro On The Greens, a La Porte restaurant whose entire aesthetic revolves around the jazz culture of New Orleans. The pasta jambalaya here is particularly good.

Indiana Transport


The Indianapolis International Airport (IND) is serviced by 13 major airlines and is about 7 miles from Indianapolis’ city center.

Getting around

Indianapolis is called the ‘crossroads of America,’ since it’s where four major interstate highways meet. Unfortunately, the state’s public transport isn’t always efficient so you’d probably find it most convenient to hire a car to travel here. The most preferred car rental agencies in Indiana are Budget and Enterprise.

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FAQs about car rental in Indiana

Most frequently asked questions about renting a car in Indiana

The average cost per day of renting a car in Indiana is just $56 USD.
Prices for Indiana car rentals start from just $39 USD when booking in advance with Enjoy Travel.
To rent a car in Indiana you must be at least 21. However, drivers under 25 may have to pay a surcharge.
Additional drivers can be added to your Indiana car rental agreement upon request.
Indiana is quite an easy city to drive in, as it’s quite flat and has wide, multi-lane roads. So you can travel comfortably with your family or group of friends in a large SUV like a Toyota RAV4 or similar.
Indianapolis is the capital of Indiana.
In 2019 the population of of Indiana was of 6.732 million.
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