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Oslo is renowned for its Viking and naval past, as well as its museums and delectable cuisine. It is an environmentally aware port city, affectionately nicknamed "The Tiger City" by its residents. Oslo is also well-known for its eclectic architecture, as well as for being the location of the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony. The Oslo Fjord and the surrounding mountains make Oslo an intriguing and picturesque city. Even though Oslo is a relatively small city, it has a lot to offer and is the ideal location for both exploration and relaxation.

For a memorable trip to Oslo, book your car hire in advance with Enjoy Travel for the best deals! You’ll find prices for car hire in Oslo starting from just €45 per day for a mini car like a Volkswagen Up or similar. Economy cars such as a Toyota Yaris cost an average of €53 per day.

Guide of Oslo


Oslo is Norway's capital and most populated city. It is a county as well as a municipality. Oslo is located at the head of the Oslofjord, surrounded by woods and mountains. There are roughly 40 islands in and around the city boundaries, the most important of which is Malmya, which is closest to Oslofjord. There are roughly 343 lakes in Oslo, the biggest of which is Maridalsvannet.

Climate in Oslo

The climate in Oslo is humid continental. Summers in Oslo are nice, while winters are rather frigid. Throughout the year, Oslo receives a substantial quantity of precipitation. Because of the city's northern latitude, daylight hours vary widely, ranging from more than 18 hours in the summertime, when it never gets fully dark at night, to roughly 6 hours in midwinter. The best time to visit Oslo is between May and August, when temperatures are pleasant and daytime temperatures are typically in the 60s and 70s. However, nights may be cool, so do pack a coat.


If you want a taste of Norway's Scandinavian traditions and modern ideals, Oslo is the place to be. In the fourteenth century, a persistent romantic nationalist movement swept the land, leaving its mark on the art and culture of the country for generations to come.

Things To Do in Oslo

Discover the Viking Ship Museum

The Viking Ship Museum, located on the scenic Bygdoy Peninsula, is one of Norway's most intriguing and popular tourist sites. You will feel as though you are travelling through time as you explore the inside. Artefacts from four separate Viking excavation sites around the Oslo Fjord have been meticulously collected and presented at the museum. The incredible 21-metre-long Pre-Christian Scandinavian vessel, the Oseberg Ship, has been well-preserved throughout the years and will give you an insight into Viking life as it was aeons ago. This site was used as a burial cemetery for a chieftain's wife and contains objects of clothes, furniture, and personal usage, among other things. The Gokstad and Tune ships are equally captivating, with wood sculptures, fabrics, and smaller boats, among other things. Vikings Alive, the museum's CGI animated film, will continue to engross you with a magnificent depiction of Viking life as you walk along.

Marvel at the Oslo Opera House

The Oslo Opera House is a beautiful edifice that seems to resemble a glacier on the Oslo Fjord and is positioned directly on the harbour. It was completed in 2007 and houses the norvegian National Opera and Ballet, the country's biggest performing arts organisation. The outside of this renowned monument is made of white granite and Italian marble, while the warm interiors with wood surfaces are a joy to explore. The foyer welcomes you with a steel sculpture by Monica Bonvicini and a wall panel by Olafur Eliasson. You may be sure that seeing an artistic performance in the auditorium, which has a seating capacity of 1,364 people, will be a memory you will treasure for the rest of your life. Go up to the roof around sunset for a beautiful view of the Oslo Fjord and for your Instagram photos.

Visit the Royal Palace

Another must-see attraction is the majestic norvegian Royal Palace. The 173-room palace, which is located inside the Royal Palace Park, is available to guests for guided tours and contains the Cabinet Parlour, Mirror Hall, Banquet, and other rooms. Watch the changing of the guard here before heading south to the Nobel Institute, which is well-known for hosting the presentation of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Eating Out in Oslo

Gourmet foodies will be delighted to learn that the city of Oslo is home to a slew of excellent restaurants. Here are some of our favourite picks. Olivia is absolutely worth a visit. It is located in a fantastic position in Aker Brygge and provides traditional pasta and pizza at reasonable prices, as well as an excellent wine selection. Mantra is an Indian restaurant that serves North Indian cuisine with creative twists on time-honoured classics. Here, try the tandoori tikka lamb or the palak paneer. Tourists go out of their way to sample the cuisine of Smalhans. This little fine dining establishment is excellent for a romantic evening out or a family supper. Their sumptuous 10-course meal buffet is unquestionably good value.



Oslo is primarily serviced by Oslo Airport (OSL), which is situated 35 kilometres away in Gardermoen. It is Norway's primary international airport, connecting 26 domestic and 158 international destinations.

Getting Around Oslo

The city's public transportation system, known as Ruter, links the city's many tourist attractions. The city's tram system, which runs until 1 a.m., is a popular mode of transportation. There are also trains, light railways, buses, ferries, and a metro system to choose from.

Many visitors also opt to explore Oslo at their own leisure and have access to the most remote parts of a place by hiring a car. Many car hire suppliers may be found in the city centre. Taxis are also widely available.

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The average cost per day of renting a car in Oslo is just $58.
Prices for Oslo car hire start from just $44 when booking in advance with Enjoy Travel.
To hire a car in Oslo you must be at least 19 years old, however, drivers under 25 may experience a surcharge.
Additional drivers can be added to your Oslo car hire agreement upon request.
The best car for exploring Oslo would be a compact car like a Toyota Corolla or similar.
Car rental prices in Oslo can often be as low as $21.59 per day when booking online with Enjoy Travel.
Yes, it is allowed to add additional drivers to your car rental agreement in Oslo.
Oslo is bigger.
The distance from Porto to Bergen is of 288 miles.
In 2019, the population of Oslo was of 634,293.
Oslo is generally considered secure with 93% of citizens reporting to feel safe.