These Terms and Conditions (as defined below), together with our website terms & conditions of use, privacy policy and cookie policy, constitute our agreement with you , for the Services (as defined below). Together, these are referred to as ‘the “Contract”. The Terms and Conditions shall apply to all contracts for the provision of our Services to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions. No conduct by us shall be deemed to constitute acceptance of any other terms. Acceptance of the Services or proceeding with a Booking shall be deemed conclusive evidence of your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. We may change these Terms and Conditions from time to time. You are advised to check the website to consider any changes to the Terms and Conditions which apply to you. Both these Terms and Conditions and those of the Rental Providers we work with contain some exclusions and limitations of liability, so you should carefully read these and make sure you are aware of their contents.


1          Definitions

1.1           The following words have the corresponding meanings:


your reservation for the specific service(s) from the Provider arranged by us;

“Booking Confirmation”

has the meaning given to it in clause 3.2;


your vehicle that you will be leaving at the Car Park, as set out in the Booking;

Car Park

the car park that you have booked for airport parking, as set out in the Booking Confirmation;

Collection Point

as indicated on your Booking Confirmation;


the contract between Enjoy Travel and the Customer for the provision of Services in accordance with these Terms and Conditions;


this refers to you, the person or persons using or proposing to use the Services (also referred to throughout this document as “you” or “your”);

Enjoy Travel

Enjoy Travel Technology Limited, a company registered in England with company number 13054678 having its registered office at The Barn, Hall Mews, Boston Spa, Wetherby, LS23 6DT UK (also referred to throughout this document as “we”, “our” or “us”);


any holding company and any subsidiary of either party or any such holding company from time to time ("holding company" and "subsidiary" having the meaning given in section 1159 of the Companies Act 2006);


the hotel that you have booked, as set out in the Booking Confirmation;

Optional Extras

in relation to Vehicle hire, those items selected by you at the time of Booking or on collection of the Vehicle. A full list of optional extras can be found on our website;


those Products featured on our website, including but not limited to vehicle hire, hotel bookings, airport parking and airport lounge bookings;

Rental Agreement

the agreement setting out the particulars of the Vehicle you hire from the Provider which is subject to the Provider’s terms and conditions and will be provided to you on arrival;


our fees payable by you for the Booking;

Rental Period

the period from collection (the start date and time shown on the confirmation of Booking) ending on the indicated date and time shown on the confirmation of Booking);


the operator of the featured hire vehicle, car park, airport lounge or hotel for which we act as a booking agent;


our arranging of the supply of Products to you;

Terms and Conditions

these terms and conditions as updated from time to time; and

Rental Vehicle(s)

the car you have agreed to rent from the Provider for the Rental Period, as set out in the Rental Agreement. This includes the keys for such car and all other accessories or parts present within the Rental Vehicle from the commencement of the Rental Period;

2          Enjoy Travel’s Liability

2.1           These Terms and Conditions apply only to bookings made directly through this website. Bookings made via a third party’s website, including the website of the Provider, are subject to the terms and conditions set out on that website.

2.2           You acknowledge that the Services might be provided by other companies within Enjoy Travel’s Group and that such company may enforce these Terms and Conditions (please see clause 12.7).

2.3           We act as a booking agent for the Providers for the Products. You will be contracting with the Provider and will be subject to the Provider’s terms and conditions. Full details of the terms and conditions are available from the Provider. You must read the terms and conditions of the Provider prior to the start of your Booking, as certain companies and locations may have additional requirements. Please also check the individual information pages that relate to your Booking for any specific terms that may apply. Once we have passed your reservation over to the Provider, we have no further legal obligations of liability to you and the agreement will be between you and the Provider. Although we strive to ensure the accuracy of the information on this website, neither we nor our affiliates, suppliers or agents can be held responsible by you for the accuracy of such information. It is solely your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of all information provided on this website.

3          Confirming your Booking and taking Payment

3.1           The Contract is made between you and us and sets out our responsibilities to you and your responsibilities to us when procuring the Services

3.2           All Bookings are subject to availability. Once you have completed the online booking form on our website, we will email you to confirm the availability of the Product (including sending any applicable voucher) within 48 hours (or at least 24 hours prior to the start date/time of the Booking where 48 hours is not possible) (“Booking Confirmation”).If for any reason your confirmation or voucher has not been received you must contact us immediately.

3.3           We reserve the right not to accept or fulfil a Booking. A Booking is not guaranteed and we may cancel a Booking if the Provider advises that it is unable to fulfil a Booking for any reason. If this happens, we will tell you, and no charges will be made on your card, or if you have already been charged, we will refund you the amount you have paid but we do not accept any liability for any consequential loss or losses arising as a result of not being able to accept your Booking.

3.4           It is your responsibility to ensure all information provided when making a Booking is correct and accurate and to ensure you read the confirmation email before travelling. We do not accept any liability for any costs incurred or consequential loss arising due to your failure to provide a valid contact number and email address (or other information required as part of the Booking) or failing to read the confirmation email before travelling or if you do not follow the instructions we give you on your booking confirmation.

3.5           Payment for the Booking on our website can only be made using MasterCard, Visa and other payment methods indicated on our website from time to time.

3.6           If payment by card is declined for any reason, we reserve the right not to refuse your Booking.

3.7           All Fees are quoted in the currency of the selected country and include VAT where applicable.

3.8           Where your Booking is for a Rental Vehicle, unless otherwise stated, the Fees include vehicle tax, local taxes, third party liability insurance and rental charges. All rentals are charged on a 24-hour basis. A full day is still charged for any portion of a 24 hour period used. You are responsible for all tolls, congestion charges, parking & traffic fines in accordance with the Provider’s terms and conditions.

3.9           Where your Booking is for a Hotel, unless otherwise stated, the Fees are per room per night. You are responsible for all local taxes and any other fees in accordance with the Provider’s terms and conditions. Unless otherwise stated, the Fees do not include transfers to the Hotel which are payable separately (please see clause , subject to availability.

3.10        Where your Booking is for airport parking, unless otherwise stated, the Fees are per Car for the period during which you have booked. In the event of your Car not starting, the Provider reserves the right to charge for any extra time. If your return is delayed and you have been away for longer than you have booked, you will need to pay the difference on return, direct to the Provider, at their standard daily rate.

3.11        Where your Booking is for the airport lounge, unless otherwise stated, the Fees are per person for the amount of time specified in the Provider’s terms and conditions.

3.12        When a Booking is made using a non-UK credit card, the card issuer will debit the Customer’s account in the local overseas currency and at the exchange rate applicable on the date of processing. A conversion charge may be applicable. 

4          Cancellation

4.1           Certain products have free cancellation within certain conditions:

4.2           Vehicle Hire Cancellation Terms

4.2.1          Pay Now

All ‘pay now’ Products come with free cancellation. You will pay the full price at the point of purchase, and can cancel for free and receive a full refund providing you cancel with more than 48 hours’ notice, prior to the start date/time of the Booking. Cancellations with less than 48 hours’ notice will not be refunded.

4.2.2          Pay on arrival and deposit payments

In some cases you can secure your booking at the quoted price by paying only a small deposit. Deposit payments are normally non-refundable unless otherwise stated on our website and in your booking confirmation.

4.3           We offer 2 cancellation protection products in most cases:

4.3.1          Cancellation Protection 48

which can be purchased for ‘pay now’ bookings at the point of check out for an additional cost (shown on our website). This allows cancellations to be made up until the time of arrival or collection. A full refund of the Booking and ‘Excess Protection’ (please see clause 5.3.1) (if applicable) will then be made minus the cost of the ‘Cancellation Protection 48’ product.

4.3.2          Cancellation Protection

which can be purchased for ‘deposit payment’ bookings. This allows cancellation to be made up to the time of arrival or collection. A full refund of the deposit payment and ‘Excess Protection’ (please see clause 5.3.1) (if applicable) will then be made minus the cost of the ‘Cancellation Protection’ product.

4.4           To cancel a Booking please contact our call centre by telephone or email. Contact details are here. Where applicable, credit card or transaction fees are non-refundable. If the product you purchased did not have free cancellation and you did not purchase Cancellation Protection 48 or Cancellation Protection (as detailed below), or where you booked a certain promotional offer (for example ‘advance purchase’ and ‘super saver’ options as per your booking confirmation) then you cannot cancel the product without incurring a charge, which may be the full amount of the Fees for the scheduled duration of your Booking.

4.5           If you are entitled to a refund, we will issue a credit voucher to the value of the refund unless you notify us that you would like a repayment of the money. All credit vouchers will remain valid for 6 months, after which your credit (and corresponding refund) will expire. If at any time during the period a credit voucher is valid you would like us to make a repayment of the money, we will make a repayment in accordance with these terms.

4.6           Airport Parking Cancellation Terms:

4.6.1          Airport Parking Products (excluding non-refundable) can be cancelled up to 48 hours prior to the start time and date subject to a £10 cancellation fee. You will pay the full price at the point of purchase, and can cancel and receive a refund less a £10 cancellation fee providing you cancel with more than 48 hours’ notice, prior to the start date/time of the Booking.

4.6.2          Airport Parking Products cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will not be entitled to any refund or partial refund.

4.6.3          Non-refundable Products are non-refundable, no refund or partial refund can be made.

4.6.4          Between September 2023 and June 2024 – Free Cancellation Waiver is available on all bookings (excluding non-refundable products). During this period you can cancel your booking free of charge giving a minimum of 24 hours notice. Bookings cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will not be entitled to any refund or partial refund.

4.6.5          Credit card fees, transaction fees, booking fees are not refundable on any cancellation.

4.7           Certain conditions apply to certain Products:

4.7.1          Vehicle Hire

Customers who do not turn up at the Collection Point, or do not turn up in time, are not entitled to a refund. This includes non-receipt of a Rental Vehicle due to insufficient documentation or late arrivals. Unfortunately, we are unable to refund any unused days or part days if the Rental Vehicle is returned before expiry of the Rental Period. Some of the Providers may agree on some compensation but this is not guaranteed and is at their discretion.

4.7.2          Airport lounge booking

Unfortunately, we are unable to refund any unused stays or part stays. You cannot get a refund or amend a lounge booking less than 48 hours before the day of travel. For example, your last opportunity to change your booking if you're flying at 3pm on the 29th will be 23:59 on the 26th. Unless a cancellation fee waiver has been paid, the amount paid will be held as a credit on your booking for use in the future, except on certain promotional offers which are non-refundable. Where applicable this will be stated in the description/information.

4.7.3          Hotel bookings

No refund is made for cancellation of hotel bookings within 48 hours of the date of stay. Unless a cancellation fee waiver has been paid, the amount paid will be held as a credit on your booking for use in the future except on certain promotional offers which are non-refundable. Where applicable this will be stated in the hotel description/information.

4.7.4          Airport Parking

You cannot get a refund or amend a parking booking less than 48 hours before the day of travel. For example, your last opportunity to change your package if you're flying at 3pm on the 29th will be 23:59 on the 26th. Unless a cancellation fee waiver has been paid, the amount paid will be held as a credit on your booking for use in the future except on certain promotional offers which are non-refundable. Where applicable this will be stated in the car park description/information.

4.8           In case of an obvious error (including any error in electronic labelling, error in data entry, error of calculation or clerical error) resulting in the display of a price which has obviously been displayed by mistake, we reserve the right to cancel your Booking, even if it was automatically confirmed by us. You will be informed of this as soon as possible, to allow you to make a reservation at the correct price, if you wish to. In any case, you will not be entitled to claim compensation from us on the grounds of the cancellation or the related costs, if any, that have been incurred due to an erroneous Booking which has been cancelled.

4.9           We reserve the right to cancel your Booking if the Provider ceases to trade due to insolvency or closure of any branches. In such circumstances, we may cancel your Booking with no liability whatsoever. If your Booking is cancelled, a full refund will be made of all monies previously paid to us to the person that originally paid for the Booking.

5          Rental Vehicle Hire

The following terms (clauses 5.1 - 5.9) apply to Bookings for a Rental Vehicle.

5.1           Delivery and Pick-up Service

On collecting the Rental Vehicle please ensure you inspect the Rental Vehicle for any damage and report any problems to the Provider before departing the Collection Point. We highly recommend taking photos/videos of the Rental Vehicle and ensure you are happy that the checkout documentation is correct showing all existing damages. Failure to do this could result in charges being made and as such any damages will be considered new damages.  We also recommend checking the Rental Vehicle with the Provider when returning to ensure any damage is agreed. 

5.2           Driving Licence

5.2.1          To book a Rental Vehicle, it is essential that every driver has a valid driving licence that they have held for at least 1 year (this can vary per Provider). Expired or provisional licences will not be accepted. When making a Booking, you must advise us of any endorsements or points on a driving licence. We reserve the right to refuse the Booking based on the information you provide to us.

5.2.2          As of June 8th 2015, any driver with a driving licence issued by the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority) in England, Scotland or Wales must visit here no more than 21 days before the start of their rental (UK resident only).

5.2.3          When picking up the Rental Vehicle, every driver must present their licence. You must also keep your driving licence with you at all times throughout the Rental Period for perusal by local authorities.

5.2.4          No refunds will be given if a Provider refuses to supply the Rental Vehicle because of undisclosed endorsements, or because you cannot provide a driving licence, its counterpart, or the required information about endorsements.

5.2.5          Please note that an ‘International Driving Permit’ does not replace the requirement for a regular driving licence. A full driving licence in the main driver’s name will still be required in order to rent the Rental Vehicle, and every driver requiring an ‘International Driving Permit’ must keep both documents with them at all times.

5.3           Optional Extras

We offer a variety of waiver and protection options to protect you during the Rental Period at the prices specified on our website. These include:

5.3.1          Excess Protection

For an additional daily rate, you can reduce your excess exposure to nil with our ‘Excess Protection’ policy. You are covered up to £3,000 for a series of incidents during the Rental Period for the reimbursement of the excess applied by the Provider. This also covers you for any physical loss or damage to the Rental Vehicle for which you are responsible under the terms of the Rental Agreement, including: (a) damage to the Rental Vehicle; (b) fire; (c) theft; (d) vandalism; (e) towing costs relating to the loss or damage; (f) loss of use of the Rental Vehicle; (f) wheels; (g) tyres; (h) windscreen and other glass; (i) underside of the Rental Vehicle; (j) roof; and (k) locks and keys.

5.3.2          Zero Excess

Zero Excess removes the requirement to leave a deposit as detailed in clause 5.4 and provides coverage against the excess. ‘Zero Excess’ is an additional insurance provided by the Provider and is subject to availability. Certain exclusions may apply and are detailed in the “more information” section of our website and the Provider’s terms and conditions.

5.3.3          Zero Excess Top-up

Whilst no excess or security deposit is required for ‘Zero Excess’ Products, some Provider policies exclude glass, tyres, underside and roof. We offer an additional top-up product for a small additional fee which covers these additional items in full.

5.4           Security Deposits

Please note that the Provider will require a security deposit at the start of the Rental Period to cover any insurance excess (see Optional Extras above), fuel, or other costs. This will be an amount blocked on the credit card of the main driver. The security deposit is returned/unblocked at the end of the Rental Period provided the Rental Vehicle is returned in the same condition as rented. The amount held will be clearly shown within the “more information” link next to the Rental Vehicle of choice and within the specific terms and conditions of the Provider before payment is made.

5.5           Flight Information

5.6           If you are collecting the Rental Vehicle from an airport you should advise us of your arrival flight number when you complete your Booking, or as soon as possible. If your flight is delayed or cancelled we advise that you contact the Provider immediately to notify them. Failure to advise the Provider of delays/cancelations could result in your Booking being cancelled.

5.7           We will not be responsible for any failure by the Provider to provide the Rental Vehicle, or if the Rental Vehicle is no longer available due to a late arrival of flights, your failure to advise the Provider of delays, or if you fail to provide your flight number in accordance with clause 5.6.

5.8           Fuel Policy

5.9           We work with a number of Providers and the fuel policy differs per Provider. Information on the fuel policy can be found in the "more information" section of the quote screen. In all cases, fuel is not included in the final price quoted.

5.10        We only work with companies with a “fair fuel” policy.  This means all of our quotes come with a customer friendly policy that allows you to return the Rental Vehicle with the same amount of fuel as the Rental Vehicle was collected. We also promise that there will be no administration fees charged for this service.

6          Hotel Bookings

The following terms (clauses 6.1 - 6.6) apply to all Bookings for hotels.

6.1           Directions

Please make sure you have directions to your Hotel.

6.2           Transfers between Hotels and Airports

Where a hotel operates airport transfers, times are different at each hotel. All transfers are subject to availability on the day and may be subject to a local charge. Please check Hotel information pages for details and charges. Prices and information regarding the transfers to and from the Hotel are given as a guide only and may be subject to change.

6.3           Room Requests

If you have any room request, you must advise us at the time of booking. Although we will endeavour to pass any reasonable requests on to the Provider, we regret we cannot guarantee any request will be met. Failure to meet any room request will not be a breach of contract on our part. Confirmation that a room request has been noted or passed on to the Provider or the inclusion of the room request on your confirmation invoice or any other documentation is not confirmation that the request will be met. Unless and until specifically confirmed, all room requests are subject to availability.

6.4           Meals

Unless specified meals are not included in the Booking, all extras must be paid direct to the Provider. There will be no refund for meals which are included but have not been taken.

6.5           Leisure Facilities

There may be additional charges for leisure facilities and admission may be restricted for children. Please ensure that you are familiar and happy with the appropriate terms and conditions that apply to the use of leisure facilities.

6.6           Hotels including Parking

6.6.1          Parking is always at the the owner's risk. Car parks are unsecured unless otherwise stated. Car parking arrangements vary from hotel to hotel. Please make sure you know exactly what your arrangements are before you travel. Where parking is offered as an 8, 15 or 21 day option, the full number of days does not have to be used, but there is no reduction in price if it is not. If you leave your Car for longer than the duration included, the Hotel or Car Park can charge you for the extra days.

6.6.2          In the interests of efficient operation you must be prepared to leave your Car keys with the Hotel or Car Park if requested to do so.

7          Airport Parking

The following clauses (7.1 - 7.10) apply to Bookings for airport parking.

7.1           Directions

Please make sure that you have directions to the Car Park in your satnav or available on your smart phone if you have a passenger.

7.2           Drop-off time

We cannot be held responsible if you do not leave enough time to drop off your Car at the Car Park, or for airport transfer/Car collection before your flight. We have no liability whatsoever for missed flights for any reason.

7.3           Transfers

For park and ride and certain on-airport Car Parks, 24 Hour transfers to and from the airport are included unless otherwise stated on the individual car park information pages.

7.4           Meet and greet bookings

The 'parking from' time on your Booking Confirmation is the time slot the Car Park has allocated you. If you think you are going to be more than 20 minutes earlier or later than your booked time, you must call the Provider’s phone number which is provided in your Booking confirmation at least 20 minutes prior to the time booked. The Provider will then endeavour to re-book a new arrival time for you. If you do not call the Provider and arrive after the time booked, we cannot guarantee a driver will be available to meet you.

7.5           Minimum Stays

A minimum stay applies at some car parks. Should you wish to stay for fewer days, you can, but the cost of the minimum duration is payable, as it is quoted on our website results page.

7.6           Car Keys

Unless stated on the Car Park information page, in the interests of efficient operation you must be prepared to leave your Car keys with the Car Park. The Car Park will not accept liability for faulty keys, alarm fobs, house or other keys left on the key ring. We advise that only the Car key is given and that you ensure you have a spare key which you take with you.

7.7           Self Park

If the Car Park is labelled as a ‘Self-Park’ you will keep your keys, and your Car will remain in the same parking space for the duration of the Rental Period.

7.8           Vans and Large Vehicles

Unless otherwise stated, we only accept bookings for cars and small vans (in both cases without trailers) at the standard rate shown. Please contact us before you make your booking if you wish to book larger vehicles, or vehicles with trailers, for a quote. If you park a vehicle larger than a car or small van, or a vehicle with a trailer without prior approval, you will likely incur an additional charge at the Car Park.

7.9           Insurance and Liability

Please ensure that you do not leave any valuables in your Car. Any valuables are left strictly at your risk. Neither we nor the Provider will accept liability. Parking is always at the owner's risk. In the unlikely event that you need to make a claim for loss or damage, you MUST notify the Provider at the time of collection and obtain written confirmation, as claims cannot be considered once your Car has left the site. The Provider will accept liability for proven acts of their own negligence.

7.10        Your Car

It is your responsibility to ensure that your Car is roadworthy, holds a valid MOT certificate and is taxed for the duration of the Booking. Your Booking may be forfeited if this criteria is not met. We will not accept responsibility for mechanical, structural and electrical failure of any part of your Car, including but not limited to windscreens, glass, tyres and alloy wheels, howsoever caused.

8          Airport Lounge Bookings

The following terms (clauses 8.1 - 8.5) apply to Bookings for Airport Lounges.

8.1           Invitations

Please ensure that you have the correct invitations for the lounge and terminal you require. You must print and take the invitations with you to the lounge as you may be refused entry without it.

8.2           Lounge Location

Please remember to check the lounge location is accessible from the terminal you are travelling from and that the hours of operation match your travel plans. Please check with your travel provider before travelling. We will not be held liable for any lounge pass holder that has not booked the correct lounge for their flight. We will not refund any unused lounge passes.

8.3           Lounge Rules

8.3.1          Where permitted, children must be accompanied by an adult to the bar areas at all times.

8.3.2          A dress code for the lounge facilities is expected. Singlets, vests, causal shorts, are not acceptable.

8.3.3          Due to regulatory restrictions, consumables are not to be taken from the lounge. We would like to advise passengers it is illegal to travel on an aircraft under the influence of alcohol. We will not accept any responsibility for passengers who are refused travel due to being intoxicated.

8.3.4          The lounges reserve the right to refuse admittance to unsuitably dressed passengers or any passenger who is under the influence of alcohol.

8.4           Flights

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are at the aircraft boarding gate on time. We are not liable for any flight missed or delayed by any passenger using the lounge.

9          Personal Information

We will collect your personal information and will hold your information in accordance with or privacy policy which is available on our website or on request.

10        Ending the Contract Early

10.1        We may end the Contract straight away by providing you with notice if:

10.1.1       a receiving order has been made against you or you are declared bankrupt; or

10.1.2       you breach any term of this Contract in a way that cannot be rectified.

10.2        You may end the Contract immediately by providing us with written notice if we materially break the terms of the Contract.

10.3        If the Contract ends early for any reason:

10.3.1       You must pay any amounts owed to us under the Contract and for the losses we suffer as a result; and

10.3.2       You may lose the benefit of any damage waivers, excess reduction products or insurance.

10.4        Nothing in the Contract reduces your statutory rights. If we materially break the Contract by not doing what we agreed to, we must pay for foreseeable losses you suffer as a result. We will not be responsible for your foreseeable losses where you have been able to recover them from someone else. We will not pay for any indirect or unforeseeable losses.

11        Complaints Procedure

11.1        If you encounter a problem, please inform the Provider immediately to give them the opportunity to rectify the problem. If you do not advise the Provider at the time it may be difficult to pursue a complaint at a later stage. Our Providers will do their utmost to assist with any given request, however assistance cannot be guaranteed. 

11.2        If you would like to contact us, we will provide as much assistance as we can.

11.2.1       For Airport Parking, Airport Lounge and Hotel bookings, please contact us on 03444 122 903 or +44 (0)3444 122 903.

11.2.2       For Vehicle Rental Bookings, please contact us on 0330 165 9369 or from outside the UK on +44 (0)330 165 9369.

11.3        Please Note: If you do not take these steps, it is very hard for us to deal with issues that are raised and we may not be able to fully resolve them. If you take these steps and wish to follow up your complaint when you get home, you must write to [email protected] within 28 days of your return. You will receive an acknowledgement of your email within 3 working days and we endeavour to answer all customer service queries within 28 days of receiving them. Sometimes we can experience delays if we are liaising with the suppliers. To help us process your query quicker please provide Enjoy Travel with your Booking number and include all paperwork from the supplier relating to the Booking if possible.

12        General

12.1        Events Beyond Our Control

12.1.1       Very rarely, we may be forced to change or terminate your Booking due to unforeseen major events known as force majeure. This means any major event which we or the Provider in question could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid and that was beyond our reasonable control. For the avoidance of doubt events beyond our control include (but are not limited to), war or the threat of war, riots, civil unrest, terrorist threats or activity, industrial disputes, extreme weather, epidemics, natural and nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, government regulations and advice, airlines cancelling or changing schedules due to airports or airways being congested or closed.

12.1.2       Changes or termination of your Booking due to events beyond our control are extremely unlikely. If, however, such major events do occur, we regret we will be unable to make any refund of payments for services not received. We cannot accept liability or pay any compensation where the performance (or prompt performance) of our obligations under our contract with you is prevented or affected by events beyond our control. This is also the case if you suffer any damage, loss or expense of any nature as a result of the major event.

12.2        Assignment and Other Dealings

We (but not you) may subcontract, assign, delegate, transfer, charge or otherwise dispose of all of our rights and responsibilities under this Contract without your prior written consent.

12.3        Entire Agreement

The Contract contains all the terms which we have agreed with respect to its subject matter and supersedes all previous agreements and understandings between us (whether oral or in writing) relating to such subject matter. You acknowledge and agree that you have not been induced to enter into this Contract by a statement or promise which it does not contain. All warranties, conditions and other terms (whether express or implied) which are not set out in this Contract are (to the fullest extent permitted by law) excluded from this Contract.

12.4        Variation

No variation of this Contract shall be effective unless it is in writing and signed by each of the parties.

12.5        Waiver

Failure to exercise (or to fully exercise), or any delay in exercising, any right or remedy provided under this Contract or by law shall not constitute a waiver of that or any other right or remedy, nor shall it preclude or restrict any further exercise of that or any other right or remedy under this Contract or by law.

12.6        Notices

Notices required to be given under this Contract may be sent by email here. Notices shall be deemed to have been duly received: (a) if delivered personally, in the case of Enjoy Travel, when left at the registered address, or in the case of the Customer, when left at the address you have provided to us as part of the booking process; (b) if sent by pre-paid first-class post or recorded delivery, at 9:00am on the second day (excluding weekends and public holidays) after posting; (c) if delivered by commercial courier, on the date and at the time that the courier’s receipt is signed; or (d) if delivered by email, at the time of transmission.

12.7        Third Party Rights

12.7.1       Where Services are provided by an Enjoy Travel Group company (please see clause 2.2), that company may enforce the terms of this Contract subject to and in accordance with this Contract and the provisions of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

12.7.2       Except for as provided in clause 12.7.1, any person who is not a party to this Contract shall have no rights to enforce its terms.

12.8        Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This Contract shall be governed by English law. The parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

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