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Louisville, Kentucky's largest City, sits on the Ohio River along the Indiana border of USA. A vibrant, welcoming City, home to both the Kentucky Derby and Muhammad Ali. Famous for its horses, bourbon, southern food and mammoth cave. The pronunciation of the word "Louisville" will surprise you. Now most of you would have read it as, "Lewis-ville". However, if you don't want to stick out as a tourist, then I suggest you adapt the local style of pronouncing which is in fact "Loo-ee-ville"!

Some interesting facts about this City is that it produces 95% of the world's bourbon and 90% of America's disco balls! Not only that but it's also home to the biggest baseball bat in the world!

That special Southern hospitality, some of the world's finest spirits, award winning restaurants, and famous landmarks honouring some of history's greatest influencers, will have you wanting to extend your stay! It's no surprise that tourism is the third largest revenue producing industry in Kentucky. Cities in Kentucky such as Louisville are filled with an endless number of things to do and places to see. And the hospitable people who welcome visitors with open arms sure does help!

Things to do in Louisville

Muhammad Ali Centre

Boxing legend The Great Muhammad Ali was a Louisville native which is why Louisville is a well-known City around the world. Fans are able to visit the Muhammad Ali Centre where you'll be able to see the gym where his boxing career started, his childhood home, his burial site at Cave Hill Cemetery and much more on the self-guided “Footsteps of Greatness" tour. Whist you're at Cave Hill cemetery, pay a visit to the grave of another world-famous Louisville native - Colonel Harland Sanders (Found of KFC).

The World's Biggest Baseball Bat

Are you a baseball fan or just someone who is fascinated by unique, exclusive items? Look no further as the Slugger Museum will give you the opportunity to lay your eyes on the biggest baseball bat not just in the USA but in the entire World! There may not be a Major League Baseball in all of Kentucky, but baseball fans are aware that Louisville Sluggers are the best bats in the business. This baseball bat at the slugger museum will have you in awe as you stare at the 120 foot tall, 68,000 pound baseball bat made of steel which is a slightly larger scale of the bat used by Babe Ruth.

Top Louisville Landmarks

Now you can't say that you've visited Louisville until you've viewed some of the major landmarks. The best way to go about ticking off these historical monuments is through a walking tour. So, jot down the list below and pick out a suitable walking tour from the multiple Louisville tourism websites.

1. Historic Old Louisville - This charming 45-block district is the largest Victorian architecture district in the USA. The restored Victorian mansions date back to 1880, and the leafy streets are lined with a variety of different restaurants. Have your camera ready as this rare and beautiful area is so aesthetically pleasing that you'll be snapping away.

2. Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park - This is a designated U.S. historic park where Abraham Lincoln was born and lived early in his childhood.

3. Belle of Louisville - Take a step back in time to 1914 with this only remaining authentic steamboat from the great American packet boat era. Not only is she a national historic landmark, but also an icon of the Louisville waterfront. Whether you board for sightseeing, dinner or a live music excursion, a cruise over the Ohio River on the Belle is a fantastic way to explore a living operating museum.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Kentucky is the Bourbon capital of the World producing 95% of the World's bourbon, so visiting the winding trail of bourbon distilleries, (now officially named the Kentucky Bourbon Trail) has become a main draw to the area, and a whole tourism industry itself. The trail covers the route from Louisville to Lexington so there is plenty of bourbon to try!

Eating Out in Louisville

With over 2,500 restaurants, including several James Beard Award nominees, Louisville’s dining scene showcases both international fare and upscale cuisine. You may have your regular cuisine you turn to when dining out, however during your time in Louisville, make sure you try a few of their regional specialties. This way you'll get a real and raw experience of Louisville culture and a true taste of the City. Like many Southern states, Kentucky boasts fried catfish, cornbread, hushpuppies and barbeque.

Starting with a dish that Louisville is famous for - a spicy chili that’s served over spaghetti. The meat is usually beef, but it can also include pork, lamb, mutton or venison.

Next is the Hot Brown sandwich. This open-faced sandwich is stacked with sliced turkey and bacon, covered in a French Mornay sauce - a rich, creamy sauce with shredded cheese folded in. Once assembled, the whole thing is then baked or broiled. Grab a bit of this sandwich at the Brown Hotel, where it was invented in 1926.

Then we have the Burgoo. This Kentucky staple has been labelled a “midway between a hearty soup and a stew.” It's often quite spicy, but very filling with its chicken, pork or mutton pieces. The earlier version of this dish typically included game meat like venison, squirrels and even raccoons! Burgoo is usually cooked up to feed crowds, so you’ll often see it at large social gatherings and potlucks.

If you enjoy drizzling sauces over your meats, then you'll be happy to hear that Waiter Henry Bain created his famous "Henry Bain sauce" while working at Louisville’s Pendennis Club more than 100 years ago. It's still incredibly popular today, due to its ability to give any meat dish a sweet and spicy kick. The ingredients consist of chutney, ketchup, chili sauce, steak sauce, Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce.

All of you sweet tooth individuals have got to sink your teeth into a "Derby Pie". This is a pastry filled with chocolates and walnuts, (pecans are commonly used as well). What's interesting about this pastry, is that it was invented in 1950, by a family in the Prospect neighbourhood of Louisville. This family still fiercely guard their recipe, and have also trademarked the name of the pie.

Then wash all of that down with Louisville’s official cocktail, the bourbon-based Old Fashioned, at one of the bars, restaurants or distilleries on the city’s Urban Bourbon Trail.

Transport in Louisville

Louisville is a very walkable City so you would be able to get around pretty easily on foot, without having to worry about transport.

Many tourists take advantage of the free airport shuttle and TARC service, which is a free downtown trolley. There's also the option of uber and taxis to get around, as well as LouLift - a complimentary emissions-free bus service that makes regular trips between the home of the Kentucky Derby and downtown Louisville.

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Car hiring prices in Louisville start at $26.66 per day .
The minimum age to hire a car in Louisville is 21.
The distance between Louisville Airport and the city centre of Louisville is around 7.0 miles.
The distance between Cincinnati and Louisville is around 99.5 miles - 1hr 36 minutes drive.

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