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California is famous among tourists, and hundreds of thousands of people visit the state every year to take in the sun and experience life at a slower, more relaxed pace. From sunny beaches famous among surfers, to beautiful forest walks known to hikers – the ‘Golden State’ has a little something for everyone here – especially the more adventurous among us. The roads alone are an experience in themselves, each have spectacular scenery to see on any journey. In terms of culture, there is so much diversity and people from all over the world settle in this marvellous state and call it home.

Although most people know it as a place for people to ‘find fame’ in the entertainment industry, it is also a great place for people to embrace their creative side and many artists and writers have settled in California to find their muse.

California is one of the best states in all of the USA to visit, and there is a little hidden gem for absolutely everyone who decides to venture here and when you eventually leave, we are sure you will want to come right on back again.

Things to do in California

California is a very unique place. You can go from rollercoaster rides, to swimming with dolphins all in one day if you choose to – where else can you do that? No matter what you like doing, you will find something you enjoy in the Golden State, but here are some of our favourites to help you decide:

Visit Redwood National Park

You can’t go to the US without visiting a National Park, and Redwood is an absolute must when in California. The cast expanse of natural woodlands, rivers and coastlines make the ideal day out for buddying hikers and adventurers. At the national park, there are loads of outdoor activities to get involved in which are suitable for all ages. The wildlife in and around the park is vast, so you may even want to take a tour with a local ranger who will talk you through everything you see – they will even be able to tell you local stories and folk tales about the area too.

Take an iconic photo of the Golden Gate Bridge

One of the most recognisable landmarks in the whole state is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The bridge itself is photographed millions of times a year and brings in so much tourists from all over the world. The bridge crosses the San Francisco Bay for over a mile and its red tone can be spotted in even the foggiest of conditions. Whether you walk, drive or cycle the bridge, it is an absolute must when visiting the area. In fact, there are even guided tours on and around the bridge to tell you a little bit more about it – it is a great opportunity to learn about its history and see it from different angles and from different perspectives. What new facts will you learn about the infamous Golden Gate Bridge?

Visit Alcatraz Prison

Alcatraz Island is easily accessible from California and is home to the infamous Alcatraz Prison. The prison was in operation from 1934 to 1963 and was strictly off limits to the general public for a long time. Now, however, the island is open for tours – and can even be visited at night (if you dare…)

Walk the Hollywood Hall of Fame

Everyone who is anyone has heard of the iconic Hollywood Hall of Fame walk. With over 2,500 stars with names of Hollywood legends – people come from all over the world to take photos of their favourite ‘stars star.’ This walk runs over 15 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard and was introduced in 1953, starting with Joanne Woodward star. There are thousands of incredible stars on the walk – whose will you find to take a photo with?

Eating Out in California

Foodies all over the world flock to California because it quite literally has everything you could possibly want. No matter what your favourite foods are, you will find it somewhere in California and, if you’re looking for something a little more classy, the state is home to 90 Michelin Star restaurants. Famous chefs and food critics from all over come to California to seek out some of the best dishes in the world, and are very rarely ever disappointed.

Although it is home to some of the fanciest foods in all the world, it comes as some surprise that it is also the birth place of the cheese burger and food chains such as Taco Bell.

California may be the best place, food wise, for everyone to visit as they cater for every dietary need and food craving.

Transport in California

California is famous for those wanting to rent nice cars – and for good reason. The roads in Cali are easy to navigate, and they are generally accident free. You can hire some very nice cars in California, and for affordable prices too. But driving isn’t the only way you can get around the state.

The rail service in California is run by Amtrak, and it is a relatively inexpensive form of travel. They also allow you to get in and out of the state on longer-distance trains, but can get you all over California should you need to.

If trains aren’t your speed, there are also local buses running in almost every local area of California. Although they aren’t as reliable as having your own car or catching a train, they are a great way to get around the state and see a lot on your journey too.

We recommend that no matter how you plan to get around the state that you always look in advance. If you plan to hire a car in California, booking well in advance will save you a decent amount of money and allow you a pick of far more vehicles. Along with this, if you plan to get trains and other forms of public transport, make sure you do your research to find local bus stops.

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FAQs about car hire in California

Most frequently asked questions about hiring a car in California

Car hiring prices in California start at $48.80 per day .
The minimum age to hire a car in California is 21.
The driving distance between Arizona and California is around 1127 miles.
The average price of a litre of fuel in California can vary between $4.394 and $4.705.
The budget friendly choices between small cars in California start at $342 for a week, which is about $48 per day.
The most affordable car hire options in California for an entire month go for $1,460, or $47 per day.
The best time to travel to California is from late May to mid October.
You should start from the Yosemite National Park or the Disneyland Park which are both the best way to begin exploring California.

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