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Compare Northern Ireland Car Hire – Legendary Coasts & Culture

Your search for Northern Ireland car hire ends here, with hassle-free, low-cost deals on high-quality makes and models from trusted partners. Grab a coffee, drop your dates and details in our search engine and choose your ideal car in a couple of minutes. Then get ready to explore the legendary landscape that’s familiar to fans of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones.

From bustling Belfast’s Titanic Quarter to the curvaceous Causeway Coast, Northern Ireland’s attractions concertina with every corner you turn, which makes it such an amazing place to discover by car. This is a country with a unique history and culture that blends influences from the British Isles, Europe, America and beyond, with natives and visitors from the rest of the UK alike rediscovering its special energy during staycations, business trips and all manner of excursions.

Outwith Northern Ireland’s terrific towns and cities, there’s millions of years of gorgeous geological history to explore, which ranges from cinematic coasts and coves to mountains, glens and loughs (lakes).

And then there’s the people  ̶  this country’s pubs, bars, hip street food spots and haute cuisine restaurants are brought alive by its warm, friendly locals who welcome all-comers warmly and make ‘Norn Irn’ so unforgettable.

You’ll find it easy to select the car that meets your needs to a tee here, whether you’re rolling solo, taking a couple’s road trip or planning a full-blown stay at home break with your four kids, great uncle Albert and your dog Kevin on board. Vehicle choices include everything from the cute Kia Picanto to the fuel-efficient Vauxhall Astra and the sleek Mercedes C-Class to the sporty Volvo XC60.

From mini-sized cars to minibuses, Enjoy Travel is your go-to website for Northern Ireland car hire!

What car types are on offer and how do I compare them?

Choosing the right hire car for your Northern Ireland trip depends on the requirements of your travel group and what you’ve got planned for the duration  ̶  for instance, a small vehicle might be perfectly fine for running around city streets in Belfast or Derry, but if you’re also throwing road trips into the mix, you might prefer something like a rugged SUV. Whatever your needs, you’ll find a ride that’s just right from our deep and diverse collection  ̶  here’s the lowdown on the vehicle types at your fingertips:


Small yet mighty, mini-sized vehicles are ideal for nipping from your home base to the shops or zooming from town to town while taking in the sights. A great choice if you’re taking a Northern Irish sojourn on your own, as a couple or a family group with a couple of young kids, mini type vehicles include models like the fiery Kia Picanto.


When you want price-focused car hire in this part of the UK, an economy car like a Vauxhall Corsa is a great choice  ̶  these types of cars tend to be small or medium but they’re robust, reliable and a fab choice for exploring scenic spots like the Fermanagh Lakelands.


Some of the most popular car hire choices in this part of the world, compact cars like the Vauxhall Astra are often surprisingly roomy inside and are therefore a savvy choice for a family group with growing kids. If you want to take a Game of Thrones road trip through County Antrim, County Down, Londonderry and Fermanagh, this car type is the very dab.


A step-up in size from compact models, standard cars have plenty of room and they’re a comfortable ride for longer road trips or for family members who need more space wherever you’re heading. The Peugeot 508 is a good example of this type of car, with its saloon silhouette and ample legroom.

Intermediate & full-sized

Want to take a winding road trip through the dramatic Sperrin Mountains? You might feel more confident in a vehicle that’s large enough to drive defensively, without it feeling unwieldy. Enter the intermediate car type and models like the Skoda Octavia and Seat Ateca  ̶  with these types of reliable vehicles you can head off on any rural road trip with peace of mind.

Minibus, 7-seater & 9-seater

The best type of vehicle for a large group of family members, friends or colleagues, 7-seaters and 9-seaters allow you to get to your holiday hotspots together, without the expense of hiring separate vehicles or the hassle of shelling out for taxis or bus tickets. Whether you’re touring the Mourne Mountains or circumnavigating Lough Neagh, hiring a self-drive minibus-type vehicle turns an ad hoc road trip into a real holiday experience.

Top Tips for Northern Ireland Car Hire


If you’ve not driven in Northern Ireland for a wee while or you’re from elsewhere in the UK and it’s your first time on the road here, take a couple of minutes to absorb some useful tips on driving and car hire in this terrific part of the world:

  • Just like the rest of the UK, you drive on the left here. There are part-time 20mph speed limits around several schools here, otherwise the limits are 30 mph in cities, 60mph on open roads, and 70mph on motorways.
  • Petrol stations are typically open from 7am to 7pm although some are open until later at night and you’ll find 24/7 petrol stations in bigger towns and cities.
  • There are no toll roads in Northern Ireland and in terms of parking, you’ll find enclosed and open-air parking as well as kerbside parking which is pay & display.
  • One-way car hire is available from some providers between predetermined locations. This can be a good option if you’re not starting and ending your trip in the same base.

So there you have it  ̶  everything you need to know about car hire in Northern Ireland and a bit more besides. As you can see, there’s so much to discover in this small but spectacular country.

Whenever you need to get behind the wheel in NI, trust Enjoy Travel for car hire that’s fast, easy and affordable.

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FAQs about car rental in Northern Ireland

If you’ve still got a few burning questions about hiring a car in this great location, take a look at our FAQ answers below and you can stop scratching your head and start choosing your car!

Book ahead of time and you can hire a small car in Northern Ireland for as little as £16 a day!
The Vauxhall Corsa regularly tops the car hire charts here.
You’re always wisest to shop around, but you can always grab a great bargain right here, because we collate cracking car hire deals from a wide range of national and international partners.
Just drop your details in our search engine ̶ you’re never too far from an car hire pickup point!
This is entirely up to you. You can easily find airport car hire in Northern Ireland but there are also convenient collection points in towns and cities.
You can hire a small car for a week in Northern Ireland for just £112.
Hiring a small vehicle here for a month costs less than £500 if you book ahead of time.
You must be at least 21 years old to hire a car in Northern Ireland and if you’re under 23 you might be required to pay a surcharge.
This is usually fine as long as the driver has a valid license, and an extra charge is paid.
Some car providers will allow you to drive over the open border to the Republic of Ireland but you should always confirm this beforehand and check whether this means you’ll incur an extra surcharge.