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  • Bordered by Italy, Germany, France, Austria and Lichtenstein, Switzerland is a unique and fascinating landlocked country. Its location is a meeting point of the southern, northern and central regions of Europe. It is part of the European Free Trade Association and participates in Schengen but is not a member of the EU, the European Economic Area or the Eurozone.
  • Switzerland is an exhilarating and beautiful place to drive. Its James Bond worthy roads offer twists, turns, altitude and of course, breath-taking views. There are so many fantastic routes, we recommend taking Route 17 to the spectacular Klausenpass. Be warned, this road has some very narrow sections and little in the way of protective barriers but take this drive on a nice day and you will be rewarded with excitement, adventure and amazing sights.
  • Switzerland is a country of many languages. The majority of the population speak a Swiss form of German, but expect to hear French, Italian and Romansh as you travel around. Due to the international significance of Switzerland as an economic and cultural destination, English is also widely spoken.
  • A valid UK or EU drivers’ licence must be carried with you at all times when driving in Switzerland. Although Switzerland is not a member of the EU it’s worth keeping an eye on any changes to requirements for UK license holders from Jan 2021, when the Brexit transition period ends.

Guide to Switzerland

A Brief History

Switzerland has a long history defined by the diversity of its language, culture and peoples. Evidence suggests prehistoric activity in the region as well as farming communities as early as 5300 BCE. However, it was in the Medieval period and the development of the Old Swiss Confederacy where the Switzerland we know today began its formation. This confederacy brought together communities of the central Alps under various charters. This provided safe and effective trade routes for the region. Overtime the confederacy grew in terms of territory and power, until war with France in 1515 significantly reduced its development.

Swiss Neutrality

Switzerland is famous for its non-aggressive foreign policy and its ability to maintain neutrality even during the First and Second World Wars. The origins of Swiss neutrality can be traced back to 1515 when the Old Swiss Confederacy abandoned its expansionist approach, though later involvement in the Napoleonic Wars ended this position. It was in November 1815, after the defeat of Napolean when Austria, Great Britain, Russia, France and Prussia acknowledged permanent Swiss neutrality.

Switzerland remained neutral during the World Wars of the 20th century. Although the Nazis had drawn up plans to invade Switzerland during the Second World War, this never happened. In the years since the Second World War Switzerland maintained its position of neutrality and is not involved in foreign warfare, though it does have a military and is involved in various peace-keeping roles throughout the world.

Switzerland Today

21st Century Switzerland is consistently voted one of the top places to live, work and travel on the planet. It’s unique placement as a small but economically significant nation brings with it a wealth of opportunities for tourists. For the thrill seeker there are the fantastic skiing resorts or for the hiker a wealth of Alpine landscape to explore. For those seeking culture and art Switzerland’s cities offer an amazing range of museums and galleries and for those gastro-tourists out there, in Switzerland the world really is your fondue.

Top Tips when hiring a car in Switzerland

• Research Extensively: Before you book, research Switzerland car hire options thoroughly. Look for cheap car hire deals, especially in major cities and at airport locations.

• Compare Car Hire Companies: There are several car rental companies in Switzerland that offer the best car hire deals. To get the best car hire deal, compare prices and services offered by different providers.

• Car Categories: Choose a car category that suits your needs and preferences. Switzerland car hire companies offer a variety of vehicles, from compact hire cars to SUVs.

• International Driving Permit: If you're from a non-European country, check if you need an International Driving Permit (IDP) to drive in Switzerland. It's a common requirement for rental cars.

• Speed Limits: Familiarize yourself with Switzerland's speed limits. They vary depending on the type of road and location, so be sure to adhere to the posted limits.

• Winter Driving: If you plan to visit Switzerland during the winter, consider hiring a car with snow tires. They are essential for safe travel, especially in mountainous regions.

• Mountain Passes: Keep in mind that some popular tourist attractions, like the Great Saint Bernard Tunnel or Lake Geneva, might require additional fees for passage.

• Child Seats: If you're traveling with children, ensure that your rental car includes child seats. It's a legal requirement in Switzerland for child safety.

• Petrol Stations: Switzerland has an extensive network of petrol stations, but they can be expensive. Plan your fuel stops strategically to save money.

• Exploring Beyond Switzerland: If you intend to explore other European countries, inform the car hire company beforehand to ensure that you have the necessary permissions and documentation to visit other European destinations.

• Abide by the strict speed limits in Switzerland, as speeding fines can be quite hefty.

• Navigation: Consider bringing a GPS device or using a navigation app to help you navigate Switzerland's road network and find car hire locations.

Getting to and from Switzerland

Swiss International Air Lines is Switzerland’s flag carrier. Offering routes to many of the world’s major cities from Zurich and Geneva. Most international carriers operate scheduled flights into Swiss cities, including British Airways, Lufthansa and Air France.

Places to visit in Switzerland

The Cities

Swiss cities have a relatively small population in comparison to other major European metropolises such as London or Berlin, but there is a serious amount on offer in each of them.

  • Zurich is Switzerland’s largest city and one of the world’s major financial centres. There is plenty to enjoy here, from fabulous food to galleries, museums and outdoor activities. We recommend checking out the FIFA World Football Museum and then getting away from it all and entering pure relaxation with a visit to the Thermalbad and Spa.
  • Genevais another city of world significance thanks to its role as base for many international organisations, including several UN agencies as well as the Red Cross. No visit to the city would be complete without visiting the Palais des Nations the second largest UN headquarters, after New York.
  • Baselis an historic town located on the Rhine and has a huge amount of cultural activity available in a relatively small space. From wandering the Old Town to Stand-Up-Paddle Boarding, this city has it all. We highly recommend a visit to the world-class Antiquities Museum, where you will find a wonderful permanent collection alongside regular temporary exhibits.
  • Bern is the capital city of Switzerland despite being only fifth most populous. With its beautiful architecture and location on the River Aare it is one of Switzerland’s most beautiful cities to photograph. Get outside here and take snaps of the minster, parliament building and be sure to visit the wonderful Rose Garden, offering unrivalled views across the city.


  • Located 1800 metres above sea level, St. Moritzis probably the most famous of all high Alpine resorts. It has been associated with winter sports since the 19th Century and hosted the Winter Olympics in both 1928 and 1948. St. Moritz has sunshine for the majority of the year and is a favourite with tourists. There are numerous opportunities for skiing, snowboarding and hiking. If you fancy something a little different be sure to check out the Cresta Run Toboggan Track, even beginners are welcome, but be sure to book in advance.
  • For a truly stunning winter sports location pay a visit to Zermatt. In addition to exceptional skiing and boarding there are some wonderful hikes including this lakeside route offering exceptional views of the Matterhorn mirrored on the water.

Car hire in Swiss airports

Switzerland has several airports serving domestic and international passengers. The busiest international airports are Zurich, Geneva and Basel. Over 25 million passengers are handled annually by Zurich alone. These airports fly to most world cities and it is possible to book car hire from any of them through EnjoyTravel.com.

Booking your car hire in advance is a good idea for several reasons. If you wait until you arrive you will have far less choice over the type of vehicle you hire, it is likely to be more expensive and will take up valuable, unnecessary time. We work with a wide range of local partners, throughout the world, meaning we can bring you the best deals and choice. All our partners adhere to our Fair Fuel Policy to provide you with additional peace of mind. Use our search tool to find and book your vehicle today.

Some rules of the Swiss road

  • Drivers must be aged 18 or over
  • Drive on the right-hand side of the road.
  • Seatbelts must be worn at all times by everyone in the vehicle
  • A warning triangle is required for all vehicles in Switzerland
  • The motorway speed limit is 120km/h and generally speaking 80km/h outside built-up areas and 50km/h inside. Please note this is only a guide and you should always pay attention to local signage.

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FAQs about car hire in Switzerland

Most frequently asked questions about hiring a car in Switzerland

Switzerland is famous for its diversity of language. The majority, around 60%, speak a Swiss form of German. Also expect to hear French, Italian and Romansh as you travel in the country. English is also widely spoken.
Obviously, this depends on which cities you are flying to and from, but typically it would be around 2 hours. Based on a flight from Manchester to Zurich.
This depends on how many are in your group and what you’re planning on your visit. If you’re a couple focussing on visiting cities such as Zurich and Geneva, you should be ok with a small economy car. If you’re a larger group or considering exploring the mountain regions you should look at something bigger and more powerful. Think carefully about everything and everyone you need to fit in the vehicle and then visit our search tool for the best deals.
This always depends on the time of year, location of pick-up and drop-off and the type of vehicle. As a rough guide, to hire a Ford Fiesta for one week in Zurich you would be looking at around €215 in March. A Ford Focus at the same time of year would be around €285.
To drive in Switzerland, you have to be 18 or over. However, some hire companies have a higher age threshold. Be sure to enter your age on our car hire search tool to get an accurate quote from relevant companies.
Switzerland is considered one of the richest countries in Europe, so naturally it’s also very expensive. On average you’ll spend CHF 196 per day.
If you’re planning to travel around the country then it will be economic to rent a car.
Doing a road trip, and seeing all the famous cities and attractions Switzerland has to offer would be a great way to see it.
Summer is the best time to travel to Switzerland and take a route that takes you to discover its pastel-coloured villages and palm-lined promenades.
It’s CHF 958 for a month, or CHF 31 per day for the smaller cars.
The average price of a litre of fuel in Switzerland can vary between CHF 1.29 and CHF 1.50.
Some popular places in Switzerland

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