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Sweden’s fourth-biggest city, Uppsala has a population of 177,000 and is located 44km north of Stockholm. This historical metropolis is the seat of the Archbishop of the Church of Sweden and has been the ecclesiastical heart of Sweden since the middle ages. As you might expect, this historical hub is home to Sweden’s largest cathedral, but it’s also home to its oldest university, founded in 1477. Chic cafes and bars and a large student population bless this city with a youthful buzz and it’s a great base for country road trips.

Hiring a car in Uppsala like a nippy Volkswagen Golf costs €36.34 per day if you book ahead of time and an economy Skoda Fabia is the same price. Meanwhile, a Seat Leon Sports Tourer ̶ with a spacious interior and plenty of luggage space ̶ is €42.66 per day. Hire a car here from Enjoytravel.com and discover Sweden under your own steam.

Guide to Uppsala

Uppsala’s unique history and awesome architecture is complemented by a convivial atmosphere and bustling social and entertainment scene driven by its young demographic. It’s a very picturesque city, with the River Fyris snaking through the centre and a clutch of bijou bars and cafes lining the pathways along its banks. If you fancy soaking up the atmosphere in an elegant setting which seamlessly blends ancient and modern, you’ll love it here.

History of Uppsala

The history of this settlement stretches back into the mists of time and history fans should make the short journey to Gamma Uppsala, a fascinating archaeological attraction which dates from the 6th Century AD and includes an ancient burial ground and site for human sacrifices. If you fancy a change of scenery meanwhile, Stockholm isn’t too far and it’s definitely a doable daytrip.

Eating out in Uppsala

There are plenty of lip-smacking eateries in Uppsala, so if you’re a foodie you’re spoiled for choice. Villa Anna is part of a high-end hotel of the same name and it’s a haven for haute cuisine, while Peppar Peppar serves classics like slow-cooked pork belly and Hambergs Fisk is fantastic for fresh fish and seafood. Meanwhile, if you’re yearning for tasty Asian fare, make a beeline for Golden China and Villa Romana is the hotspot for Mediterranean dishes.

Getting to and from Uppsala, airports and transport connections

The nearest airport to the city is Stockholm Uppsala, which is 35km to the south.

Public transport in Uppsala is regular and reliable, with a decent bus network comprising 26 lines.

Always drive on the right in Uppsala, as you do all across Sweden.

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FAQs about car hire in Uppsala

Most frequently asked questions about hiring a car in Uppsala

Car hiring prices in Uppsala start at €22.10 per day .
The minimum age to hire a car in Uppsala is 18 (surcharge may occur).
The distance between Stockholm Arlanda Airport and the city centre of Uppsala is around 37.6 km (23.36 miles)
The distance between Uppsala and Stockholm is around 71.0 km (44.11 miles) - 0hr 56 minutes drive.
Uppsala is one of the most expensive cities in Sweden besides the capital. Travelers on average spend SEK 1147 per day while visiting.
You can find a Volkswagen Golf in the off-peak season for SEK 1101.56 per day.
Uppsala is bigger than it might seem at first and moving around, especially if you’re visiting with company will be much more economic and easy with your own vehicle.
Uppsala is considered the heart of the nation. It has a lively and energetic air, a quiet place that comes alive at night; the city stretches on both sides of the River Fyris. Its shores are lined with cafes and lively bars, and there are a few paths along the sea to stroll.
The best time to visit Uppsala is between May and September when it’s slightly warmer.
It's SEK 2537 for a week or SEK 362 per day.
It's SEK 9922 for a month or SEK 354 per day.
Price of fuel in Uppsala is between SEK 11.91 and SEK 10.91 per litre.