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Sitges is a small coastal town situated 34 kilometres southwest of Barcelona City, famous worldwide for its Film Festival, Carnival, and LGBT Culture. It's regarded as one of Spain's most favourite holiday destinations, the beaches being the main attraction. However, the golden sand and clear blue waters aren't the only thing drawing visitors in - Sitges is bursting with Art Nouveau buildings, picturesque lanes, centuries-old festivals, museums and a plethora of restaurants, cafés and bars. Despite the fact that the Town has less than 30,000 inhabitants, it receives several times its size in daily visitors and overnight stays. With 5,000 hotel beds, 2,000 camping spots and a large proportion of Airbnb rentals, it is possible that the town receives well over a million visitors.

The word Sitges means “silo” in English and it refers to the underground holes used to store wine. Before the tourist and LGBT boom in the 60s and 70s, Sitges was a simple wine producing, sleepy fishing village. Then, during the late-19th century, a group of famous Catalan artists decided to take up residence, which attracted artists, architects and the beau monde to follow suit. This wave of creative individuals moving to the town brought the arrival of gorgeous, Gaudí-esque, Art Nouveau buildings, and the town became a beautiful sight of stunning villas built along the beachfront, town centre, and maze of narrow streets. Many Catalan families who had made their fortunes in the Americas, returned to Sitges in the 20th century. The arrival of the artists and the beau monde completely changed the face of Sitges, and you are still able to feel and see the impact today, making this town an incredibly charming and historical place to visit.

You'll be able to get lost in the maze of narrow streets, and hear the waves of the sea from almost corner of the town! Sitges is a great destination for a family holiday as it's very safe for children, and the Town is one with many interesting facts. Bacardi Rum was founded by a Sitges family, the first beach bar in Spain opened in Sitges, and this town is home to the very first racing circuit in Spain!

Things to do in Sitges

Laze the Day away on the Beach

The biggest attraction of Sitges drawing in millions of visitors every year are its sandy, golden beautiful beaches. It's been labelled as the number one thing to do in this town! You're spoilt for choice with 26 different beaches, some of the most popular beaches are between La Punta (the church) and the Terramar Hotel, at the end of the sea promenade. La Fragata is the beach of the sailing club where the smaller sailing boats are moored or stored. You may catch a volleyball tournament or dive into a game yourself! La Ribera translated as “the shore”, is a beach located in front of the Subur Hotel and is the most crowded beach in Sitges because of its easily accessible location from the mains streets. Bassa Rodona is the most popular beach for gay travellers.

Walk the back streets around the Church

The prettiest part of town is the streets behind the church. Wander down the narrow pedestrian only alleyways, some of which follow the old medieval city wall. Look out for wall plaques, tiled messages, names of illustrious local families, towers and rooftops. Continue till you reach the Museums, and stop at Raco de la Calma to take it all in. You may be lucky enough to catch musicians playing some magical tunes.

Palau Maricel

This is a Palace built in the beginning of the 20th century by Charles Deering, a wealthy American man. He constructed this magnificent piece of architecture to host all the items in his very valuable art collection which included Goya and Velazquez paintings. You can take a 50-minute guided tour or just roam at your own accord.

Explore the Museums

If you are a history or art nerd, then some of the museums/exhibitions you must visit are: Museu Maricel Cau Ferrat Museu Romantic Casa Bacardi You'll be blessed with some of the most magical art you have laid your eyes upon, and be awed by fascinating stories.

Eating Out in Sitges

The great thing about Catalunya, is that food is in their blood. The culture is to really make the most out of every meal. A typical Catalan day consists of having breakfast followed by aperitif, then lunch, coffee and maybe ice cream, sunset drinks and dinner to end the day. The party lovers will be happy to hear that bars are open until 2-3am and clubs until sunrise. So, your day of munching would end in the early hours of the morning when the cafes are starting to wake up, with a sandwich or churros!

Cafe Montroig is a great place if you're keen on trying an international breakfast. It opens later on in the day around 10am and is closed during winter. They prepare a mixture of cold and hot dishes, and seating is both indoors and outdoors.

La Fragata is one of the best-known restaurants in Sitges as it serves some of the most traditional Catalan dishes and local specialties. The menu consists of predominantly seafood, and is located in the most romantic setting, in front of the sailing club, below the church. It's more of a premium and classy restaurant as opposed to many of the outdoor spots around town that are filled with tourists covered in sand.

Make sure you pay a visit to Forns Enrich- a traditional bakery run by a local family. Their history dates back to the 1920s, and even today people still pre-order their special breads, and they cook seasonal delicacies like Easter bunyols, coca for Saint John’s evening.

Transport in Sitges

Make sure you pay a visit to Forns Enrich- a traditional bakery run by a local family. Their history dates back to the 1920s, and even today people still pre-order their special breads, and they cook seasonal delicacies like Easter bunyols, coca for Saint John’s evening.

There are three bus routes in Sitges. One heads north of Sitges, to the area of Poble Sec and Vallpineda. Another bus heads west of Sitges to the areas of Can Pei and Terramar. The third heads east of Sitges to the areas of Llevantina and Quint Mar. The buses are smaller than city buses and each run twice hourly. There are two taxi companies - the base for one is outside the main tourist information office and the other is located outside Sitges train station.

Why not try cycling as a way of exploring the town?! There are two shops in Sitges offering bike rentals. Bikes are available from an hour's ride to up to an entire week!

Both the shops are small companies, so it's best to speak to them directly regarding prices. A ride along the promenade is very pleasant, and the surrounding inland of Garraf is also popular amongst keen cyclists.

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FAQs about car hire in Sitges

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Car hiring prices in Sitges start at €24.50 per day for a Fiat 500.
The minimum age to hire a car in Sitges is 21.
The distance betweem Barcelona airport and the city centre of Sitges is around 27.3 km/16.96 miles.
The distance betweem Sitges and Tarragona is around 62.0 km (around 38.52 miles) - 42 minutes drive.

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