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Bilbao, in Spain's northern Basque province, is a must-see. The Guggenheim Museum is a landmark of Bilbao, yet it is just the beginning of the city's cultural offerings. This vibrant city also offers a number of noteworthy museums and a lovely Old Town (Casco Viejo). Bilbao, the seat of the Vizcaya province in Spain's Basque Country, maintains the region's gourmet culture and is best known for pintxos, the Basque twist on tapas. It's also a terrific starting point for exploring San Sebastián, the culinary world capital an hour down the coast. Plus, Bilbao is only a short distance from some of the most beautiful golden sand beaches in Spain.

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Guide of Bilbao


Bilbao is the largest city in the province of Biscay and the Basque Country. It is also the most populous city in northern Spain. Bilbao lies around 16 kilometres (10 miles) south of the Bay of Biscay.

Climate in Bilbao

Because of its closeness to the Bay of Biscay, Bilbao has an oceanic climate, which means it gets rain all year round. The best time to visit Bilbao is between the summer months of June to mid-September.


Bilbao, the largest city in the Basque Country, is an excellent site to learn about the region's culture. The language is distinct from the rest of Spain; here, they speak Euskera, a non-Latin language also spoken in the Basque area of southern France.

Things To Do in Bilbao

Visit the Guggenheim Museum

Every year, thousands of people visit Bilbao's famed Guggenheim Museum. This stunning museum, built by famous architect Frank Gehry, will captivate you with its curved titanium facade and huge windows. It has 20 galleries that feature modern artworks by Basque artists as well as temporary exhibits by artists from throughout the globe. At the entryway, you'll want to grab a selfie with 'Puppy,' a 40-foot-tall floral sculpture by American artist Jeff Koons with a built-in network of pipes that hydrate the plants. Inside, significant artworks include Francesco Clemente's set of 17 paintings in the Mother's Room, Willem de Kooning's colourful Villa Borghese painting, and Jose Manuel Ballester's Raft of the Medusa picture.

Tour Bilbao's Bridges

The stunning La Salve Bridge with red arches, designed by French artist Daniel Buren, provides breathtaking views of Bilbao. Its observation platforms overlook the Guggenheim Museum and were built to commemorate the museum's tenth anniversary. Bilbao's White Bridge, also known as the Zubizuri, is just a few streets away. Calatrava Bridge, a contemporary suspension footbridge that spans the Nervion River, is named after its creator, Santiago Calatrava. The vistas from its glass terrace will wow you. The Vizcaya Bridge, Spain's first industrial historic monument, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2006. It was designed by Alberto Palacio during the industrial revolution and is made of steel wires and iron. It still transports cars and passengers on its hanging gondola, which is supported by 36 wheels, more than a century later. If you're feeling brave, you may climb 45 metres to the highest platform for panoramic views.

Pay a visit to the Azkuna Zentroa

The Azkuna Zentroa, one of Bilbao's most popular cultural destinations, was previously a wine warehouse that was refurbished in 2010 by French designer Philippe Starck. A theatre, an art gallery, a rooftop swimming pool with a glass bottom, a media centre, and various cafés and restaurants can be found here. The bottom level is adorned with 43 distinct gigantic columns, each conveying a spectacular storey about other civilizations, architecture, conflict, and religion.

Eating Out in Bilbao

Bilbao has dominated the Basque culinary scene and provides a plethora of unique eating alternatives. Here are our top recommendations. Casa Rufo is a family-run steakhouse that has been in business for more than a century. You may feast yourself on the rib-eye, which is accompanied by a bottle of Douro wine. We propose finishing with flan, a melt-in-your-mouth dessert made of caramelised custard. Café Iruna is a renowned pintxos bar in Bilbao. You'll love the Moorish kebabs here, or you may sample the tapas, each item lovingly prepared following ancient techniques. La Vina del Ensanche has kept its place as one of Bilbao's greatest restaurants. Enjoy the crunchy asparagus tempura and grilled mackerel tempura here.



Bilbao is serviced by Bilbao Airport (BIO), which is the biggest and busiest airport in Spain's Basque Country. It is located 9 kilometres north of Bilbao.

Getting Around Bilbao

Because Bilbao is a small city, getting about is simple. You may take the public bus known as BilboBus, the tram known as Euskotren, or the underground metro known as Metro Bilbao. You may also hire bikes or taxis to go around the tourist attractions. There is also a funicular that runs from Bilbao to the summit of Mount Artxanda. Many visitors also opt to explore Bilbao at their own leisure and have access to the most remote parts of a place by hiring a car. Many car hire agencies may be found in the city centre. Taxis are also widely available.

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FAQs about car hire in Bilbao

Most frequently asked questions about hiring a car in Bilbao

The average cost per day of hiring a car in Bilbao is just €43.
Prices for Bilbao car hire start from just €42 when booking in advance with Enjoy Travel.
To hire a car in Bilbao you must be at least 21 years old.
Additional drivers can be added to your Bilbao car hire agreement upon request.
The best car for exploring Bilbao would be an economy car like a Seat Ibiza or similar.
Enterprise and Centauro are the most popular car hire companies in Bilbao.
The driving distance from Bilbao and Madrid is about 403 kilometers.
The average price of a litre of fuel in Bilbao can vary between €1.57 and €1.39.
The most economic options among small cars in Bilbao have rates of €195.62 for a week, which is about €27.86 per day.
The most economic car hire options in Bilbao for an entire month start at €837.11, or €27.28 per day.
The best part of the year to visit Bilbao is from late May to early October (based on average temperatures).
Guggenheim Museum Bilbao is the best spot to begin exploring Bilbao.

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