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In recent years, Serbia has emerged as one of Eastern Europe’s top destinations. Serbia’s popularity has always been about the culture, attractiveness of the cities and the natural scenery on offer. None more so than the capital, Belgrade, which epitomizes what the country has to offer with a wide range of places to visit, café and restaurants to indulge in and some of the best nightlife in southeast Europe. But to think that Belgrade is all Serbia has to offer would be a mistake.

Away from the busy capital, there are plenty of places to explore. Novi Sad is an attractive, lively city with an elegant center and a picturesque fortress overlooking the river Danube. In the far north of the country, the city of Subotica exhibits an array of secessionist architecture and an urban province reminiscent of its past links to Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Reasons for car rental

  • Serbia is a diverse country with very modern Belgrade on one side and many small but lovely villages that seem to be stuck in the past
  • Car rental gives you more freedom and is faster
  • Road system is OK
  • Distances between major cities

Then there is south with cities like Nis, Kragujevac and some of the most well-known Serbian historical sights. In the winter, tourists flock to Kopaonik ski resort, rated as one of the best ski resorts in Europe.

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FAQs about car hire in the Serbia

Most frequently asked questions about hiring a car in the Serbia

Distance from Kraljevo to Belgrade is 75 miles (121 km).
Serbia is one of the most inexpensive countries in Eastern Europe. You’ll spend about 15429 RSD per day.
With how beautiful Serbia’s natural landscapes are, taking excursions and roadtrips is a must, and the most cost-effective way to achieve that is by renting a car.
Serbia is a destination that surprises each of its visitors, mesmerizes with its art, culture and folklore, a country with great artistic and musical wealth that makes a stop in the Balkans essential.
The best time to travel to Serbia is from May to September when the temperatures are warm.
It is 2942 RSD for a week, or 412 RSD per day.
It’s 31776 RSD for a month, or 1024 RSD per day.
Price of fuel in Serbia is between 139.40 RSD and 128.09 RSD per litre.
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