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Krakow is a fascinating capital that invites you to unwind and blend in, have a wild night out, explore sights and museums, and go on an outdoor adventure- all in the same area. A walk through Krakow's cobblestone streets and old buildings is an adventure in and of itself. Among Krakow's many attractions are the Wawel Dragon and the city's extensive cultural heritage (including several world-class monuments). A trip to Krakow isn't complete if you skip the famous bugle call and the Wawel Royal Castle.

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Guide to Krakow


Krakow is one of the oldest cities in Poland, dating back to the 7th century. It is situated on the Vistula River in Lesser Poland Voivodeship, also known as Malopolska.

Climate in Krakow

Krakow has a temperate oceanic climate with mild, pleasantly warm summers and cold, often freezing winters. Snowfall is frequent in winter and sometimes cold waves from Siberia can occur. Average temperatures in summer range from 18-20°C and in winter around -0.5°C.


The official capital of Poland until 1596, Krakow has traditionally been the leading centre of Polish academic, economic, cultural and artistic life. In 2000, Krakow was named the European Capital of Culture and in 2013 it was officially approved as a UNESCO City of Literature.

Things To Do in Krakow

Visit the main market square

Rynek Glowny, or the Main Market Square, is a popular first stop for travellers. The biggest mediaeval plaza in Europe, it dates back to the 13th century and is located in Krakow's UNESCO-listed Old Town. It used to be a major trading hub for the city. The Krakow Cloth Hall (Sukiennice) is the square's focal point and a great place to shop for traditional Polish handicrafts from throughout the country. The square is a great place to walk about and feed the many pigeons that are attracted there. Any of the beautiful outdoor cafes in the area are great places to end your day with a drink or dinner.

Take a tour of a stunning cathedral

The beautiful St. Mary's Basilica may be found on the Main Market Square's northeastern corner. A starry blue ceiling, ornate Gothic decoration, and vibrant stained glass will captivate you in the magnificent interiors. The city's watchtower, the 263-foot northern tower, stands guard over the city. Climb the tower's 239 steps for a bird's eye perspective of the city. A bugler plays the hejnal (a bugle call) every hour from the windows of the tower.

Learn about Poland’s painful past

The Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum, a former concentration camp and extermination site for European Jews during WWII, is an uncomfortable but important destination. It is the last resting place for about 1.5 million individuals who died in gas chambers by the Nazis in Poland. Visitors are asked to contemplate the atrocities of the genocide in order to prevent a similar tragedy from occurring again. You can find the prisoners’ personal effects, such as luggage, eyeglasses, shoes, and clothing, on display. It's a short drive from Krakow.

Eating Out in Krakow

Krakow, Poland's gastronomical capital, provides a diverse range of international flavours while remaining true to its Polish heritage. At Main Market Square's Wierzynek, you'll find some of the best Polish cuisine presented in a historic setting while enjoying delectable meals. An honourable remark should be given to the first-rate hospitality provided. Gruzinskie Chaczapuri serves Georgian and Polish dishes. The Georgian cheese pie and Lavash are excellent choices. Klimaty Poludnia is a highly regarded and reasonably priced restaurant where you should try the gnocchi. Pod Wawelem offers massive quantities of meat, which are washed down with gallons of beer.

Krakow Transport


Krakow’s John Paul II International Airport (KRK) is located 11 km west of the city centre.

Getting Around Krakow

The city’s public transportation system, MPK S.A. operates multiple tram lines and more than 150 bus routes. Passes are sold onboard or at all stations and can be used on any bus or tram. You can always hail taxi cabs or opt to hire a car for maximum flexibility, comfort, and convenience.

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FAQs about car hire in Krakow

Most frequently asked questions about hiring a car in Krakow

The average cost per day of hiring a car in Krakow is just €16.
Prices for Krakow car hire start from just €10 when booking in advance with Enjoy Travel.
To hire a car in Krakow you must be at least 21 years old.
Additional drivers can be added to your Krakow car hire agreement upon request.
The best car for exploring Krakow would be a fuel efficient car like a Skoda Fabia or similar.
The distance betweem Krakow airport and the city centre of Krakow is around 14.8 km/9.1 miles.
The distance betweem Krakow and Lodz is around 277 km (around 172.12 miles) - 3hr 31 minutes drive.
Krakow is the second most expensive city in Poland after Warsaw but still much cheaper than most big European cities! You'll spend on average PLN 272 per day.
Krakow is a beautiful city to be walked or to see by bike, but if you don't have your accommodation near the centre, you'll definitely need a car to move around more freely.
To know and Krakow you need to visit its most beautiful spots such as Stare Miasto (Old Town), Basilica of Santa Maria, Wawel Castle and Cathedral, and of course the salt mines a little out of Krakow.
The best time to travel to Krakow is either in the spring or in the fall.
It's €70 for a week, or €10 per day.
It's €311 for a month, or €11 per day.
Price of fuel in Krakow is between PLN 4.72 and PLN 4.51 per litre.