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While Vilnius, Lithuania's capital, is a lovely place to visit, visitors should not overlook Kaunas, the country's second-largest city, and the economic, intellectual, and cultural beating heart of Lithuania. The city of Kaunas is well-known for its preservation of historical customs and traditions, making it a great place to learn about traditional Lithuanian culture. Interwar architecture has earned the city the European Heritage title and is en route to UNESCO recognition. Kaunas is known for its vibrant street art, serene urban parks, intriguing museums, and delicious cuisine.

For a stress-free trip, make sure to book your Kaunas car hire in advance with Enjoy Travel for the best deals! You’ll find prices for car hire in Kaunas starting from €24 for a mini car like a Volkswagen Up or similar. For a compact car such as a Honda Civic or similar, prices average around €29 per day.

Guide of Kaunas


After Vilnius, Kaunas is Lithuania's second-largest city. The city serves as the capital of Kaunas County. Kaunas is situated at the junction of the two main Lithuanian rivers, the Nemunas and the Neris, and is close to the Kaunas Reservoir, Lithuania's largest body of water.

Climate in Kaunas

There is a humid continental climate in Kaunas with an annual average temperature of 7°C. While Kaunas is located in the north, the Baltic Sea keeps the city's temperature milder than that of other northern cities. Located to the west of Kaunas, the Kazlų Rūda Forest regulates the humidity and temperature of the air, as well as shields the city from strong westerly winds. The best time to visit Kaunas is between May and September.


The city's interwar architecture has been recognised as one of the greatest examples of European Art Deco and has been given the European Heritage Label. It helped make Kaunas the first city in Central and Eastern Europe to be recognised as a UNESCO City of Design. Kaunas, together with Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg, has been named the European Capital of Culture for 2022.

Things To Do in Kaunas

Become intrigued at the Devil’s Museum

Kaunas is the only city in the world with an entire museum dedicated to displaying different manifestations of the Devil. Visit the old house of local artist Antanas Žmuidzinavičius to view his private collection, which has been transformed into an exhibition of 3000 sculptures, masks, figures, and other objects acquired from over 70 countries. The majority of these are constructed of glass, paper, or wood. You'll be amazed to hear about the myths and folklore that surround each of these creations. Some are amusing, while others are frightening, such as wooden masks from Sri Lanka, a tree stump like Satan, or numerous methods to banish the devil. A visit to this unusual museum will no doubt make an impression on you.

Visit Kaunas Castle

The oldest masonry castle in Lithuania, Kaunas Castle, is located at the junction of the Neris and Nemunas rivers, behind the town hall in Santaka Park. It played a key part in repelling crusader raids, but it was destroyed in 1362 and had to be rebuilt. It was converted into a jail in the 16th century, and past inmates who died there are said to haunt the buildings to this day. Inside, there is now a museum with an impressive collection of pottery, sculptures, and paintings.

Tour the Folk Music Museum

Music aficionados would enjoy visiting Kaunas' Folk Music Museum, the only one of its type in Lithuania. There are around 7,000 exhibits on display here. The kankles or chordophones, on the other hand, are traditional Lithuanian plucked string instruments that will captivate your senses with their sounds as well as their visual appeal. You may also learn more about Lithuanian multipart songs that have been included in the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Eating Out in Kaunas

Kaunas offers a plethora of restaurants and cafés that provide a gastronomic feast. Here are our top recommendations. Bernelių užeiga, a traditional Lithuanian restaurant in the Old Town, is a long-standing institution in Kaunas. For a satisfying supper, try their dumplings and bread bowl soup. Monte Pacis is a superb dining institution with traditional dishes and award-winning monastery wines that will leave you with a lasting impression. Prepare to be wowed by their gorgeous Baroque setting as well as their three-course tasting menus. Talutti - Bakes 'n' Shakes is a restaurant franchise with four locations in town. Choose from a variety of world cuisines such as barbeque and burgers, as well as Tex-Mex and Caesar salads.



Kaunas International Airport, situated 14 kilometres northeast of the city centre, serves the city and surrounding areas.

Getting Around Kaunas

It is quite easy to use public transit in Kaunas. There is a bus, trolley bus, and micro-bus network. Trolleybuses service the major routes. They are, nevertheless, more popular in places lying north of the Nemunas River. Buses are an option for getting to suburban areas. Interwar funiculars connect the city centre to Aleksotas and Zaliakalnis.

Many visitors to Lithuania opt to hire a car because it gives greater comfort, flexibility, and convenience than using public transit. Driving in Lithuania is a pleasant experience since they do not overspeed and have a large and well-maintained four-lane highway network. If you're coming with a large group, hiring a minivan can be an excellent idea. You may also schedule a one-way hire, which enables you to pick up your automobile in one location (for example, Vilnius) and drop it off in another (for example, Kaunas) before flying out of the country. This saves you the time and hassle of driving it back to your place.

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FAQs about car hire in Kaunas

Most frequently asked questions about hiring a car in Kaunas

The average cost per day of hiring a car in Kaunas is just €27.
Prices for Kaunas car hire start from just €23 when booking in advance with Enjoy Travel.
To hire a car in Kaunas you must be at least 19 years old. However, check with your car hire agency as it may vary.
Additional drivers can be added to your Kaunas car hire agreement upon request.
The best car for exploring Kaunas would be a mini car such as a Toyota Aygo or similar.
The distance betweem Kaunas airport and the city centre of Kaunas is around 14.7 km/9.13 miles.
The distance betweem Kaunas and Vilnius is around 103,4 km (around 64,24 miles) - 1hr 15 minutes drive.

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