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The 5th largest city in the German region of Swabia, Memmingen’s history dates all the way back to Roman times. The ancient town, with its numerous courtyards, castles, and patrician homes, bustling marketplaces, palaces, and fortifications, is one of the finest preserved in southern Germany. It is also home to a number of beautiful lakes, parks and fascinating museums and galleries. Art enthusiasts, take note. Memmingen has also been known as Stadt der Menschenrechte (the town of human rights) in recent years in reference to the European human rights document known as the Twelve Articles, which was drafted here in 1525.

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Guide to Memmingen


Memmingen is a tiny German town in the landlocked region of Bavaria. The Danube-Iller region's commercial, educational, and administrative hub, it lies west of Munich, on the Iller River's western edge.

Climate in Memmingen

Memmingen has a warm and temperate climate. Summers are comfortable and wet while winters are quite cold. It is partly cloudy throughout the year and receives significant amounts of rainfall.


Following the reorganization of Germany in 1802, Memmingen became a part of Bavaria. The city's slogan is Memmingen – Stadt mit Perspektiven ("Memmingen - a town with perspectives").

Things To Do in Memmingen

Take a tour of the historic centre

Non-locals refer to Altstadt Memmingen as "the old Memmingen town," and it is one of the region's liveliest hotspots. Historic structures will arouse your sense of wonder and a longing for bygone eras. Seasonal holidays like Christmas are great times to go since there are so many great restaurants open and people are so festive.

Visit the town hall

The Memmingen town hall, also known as the Rathaus Memmingen, can be found within the city. With its beautiful facade and complex interior, this outstanding multi-story Renaissance structure dates back to the 16th century. The construction of a council chamber on the city's main plaza dates back to the 14th century, and the Rathaus has undergone several restorations since then. The attractive structure contains components from several periods, and you should look out for the hall's 18th-century Rococo-style renovation and the 1918 war monument.

Attend a gorgeous and beloved local church

Sankt Martinskirche, also known as St. Martin's Church, is a renowned parish church located in the northwestern area of the old town. It's a historic architectural treasure that dates all the way back to the ninth century. It is the city's primary Evangelical-Lutheran church and was a focal point of the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century. Several pieces of art, such as paintings, frescoes, stained glass, and delicately crafted furniture, are housed in this church with elaborate Gothic carvings. The free organ performances for tourists are a highlight for everybody who comes.

Discover a bastion of scholarship

The Buxheim Charterhouse, also known as the Kartause Buxheim, is located in Buxheim, a small town near Memmingen. It used to be a Carthusian monastery, which is where the Salesians of Don Bosco of today are located. It is currently a part of the Diocese of Augsburg in the German-speaking part of the country. Around the year 1100, a collegiate monastery called the Kartause Buxheim was founded. From the Carthusians, it became a Maria Saal monastery from 1402 until 1812. According to legend, the monastery's map of Germany was the only one in the Holy Roman Empire. That is to say, starting in the year 1548. Visit Kartause Buxheim to get a feel for what academic institutions were like in the past. It'll be a worthwhile journey.

Eating Out in Memmingen

Many of the meals in Bavarian cuisine are made with pork or Knödel, and have strong ties to the gastronomy of the Czech Republic and Austria. We have selected the following restaurants in Memmingen because of their high quality and reasonable prices:

The cuisine at Weber am bach is top-notch, with an emphasis on regional and seasonal ingredients. Spaetzli, cabbage bismarcks, and Maultaschen are all produced in-house, and the fresh fish from Lake Constance's waters is sure to leave you smacking your lips. The menu of Ristorante al treato includes a wide variety of Italian specialities, such as pasta and pizza. You'll enjoy the romantic lighting and exquisite Mediterranean ambience in the heart of Memmingen. At Engelkeller, which has won several awards, diners may choose from a diverse menu that includes anything from fish and beef to traditional Swabian fare. An extensive global wine list is available here as well.

Memmingen Transport


Memmingen is served by Memmingen Airport (FMM), also known as Allgäu Airport Memmingen. It is an international airport located about 3.8 km from the centre of Memmingen and 110 km from the city centre of Munich.

Getting Around Memmingen

Unfortunately, this little town's public transit system is abysmal. Some of the sights are inaccessible on foot and can only be reached by bike. However, if you want to travel to locations outside of town, hiring a car would be the best option.

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FAQs about car hire in Memmingen

Most frequently asked questions about hiring a car in Memmingen

The average cost per day of hiring a car in Memmingen is just €52.
Prices for Memmingen car hire start from just €46 when booking in advance with Enjoy Travel.
To hire a car in Memmingen you must be at least 21 years old.
Additional drivers can be added to your Memmingen car hire agreement upon request.
The best car for exploring Memmingen would be a compact car like a Volkswagen Polo or similar.
The distance betweem Memmingen Airport (FMM) and the city centre of Memmingen is around 28.3 km/17.5 miles.
The distance betweem Memmingen and Kempten is around 36.0 km (around 22.36 miles) - 29 minutes drive.
Memmingen is a very small town in Germany that is popular among travellers and quite inexpensive. On average you’ll need about €76 per day.
You can find a Fiat 500 in the off-peak season for €23.13 per day.
Not really as the town is small but if you’d like to explore and make excursions around the town then it could be worth it.
The best time for a trip to Memmingen is between June and August because of the warmer temperatures.
It’s €177 for a week, or €25 per day.
It’s €788 for a month, or €28 per day.
Price of fuel in Memmingen is between EUR 1.22 and EUR 1.10 per litre.

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