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FAQs about car hire in Eschborn

Most frequently asked questions about hiring a car in Eschborn

Car hiring prices in Eschborn start at €20.50 per day.
The minimum age to hire a car in Eschborn is 21.
The distance betweem Frankfurt Airport FRA and the city centre of Eschborn is around 10 km/6.21 miles.
The distance betweem Eschborn and Frankfurt is around 12.9 km (around 8.01 miles) - 20 minutes drive.
Eschborn is another beautiful city in Germany that is affordable to travel to. With about €72 per day you’ll be able to enjoy your holidays there.
You can find a Volkswagen Caddy in the off-peak season for €46.93 per day.
Moving around Eschborn will become so much more pleasant once you have a car to do it with.
Eschborn is a beautiful part of the Frankfurt area and a great way to see it is to walk through its well-known parks.
Around June is the best time to visit Eschborn.
It’s €153 for a week, or €22 per day.
It’s €517 for a month, or €18.50 per day.
Price of fuel in Eschborn is between EUR 1.22 and EUR 1.10 per litre.