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FAQs about car hire in Ansbach

Most frequently asked questions about hiring a car in Ansbach

Car hiring prices in Ansbach start at €23.06 per day for a Fiat 500.
The minimum age to hire a car in Ansbach is 21.
The distance betweem Frankfurt airport and the city centre of Ansbach is around 203.8 km/126.63 miles.
The distance betweem Ansbach and Frankfurt is around 203.1 km (around 126.20 miles) - 2hr 2 minutes drive.
Ansbach is not an expensive city to visit in Germany as it’s quite small. You’ll spend approximately €70 per day in the city.
You can find a Fiat 500 in the off-peak season for €22.88 per day.
As Ansbach is a small city you’ll want to move around and visit Nuremberg too during your visit. A car hire will be the cost-effective way to do this.
You should visit the Ansbach Residence, Dennenlohe Castle, the Rothenburg City Walls, Marktplatz and of course Ratsherrntrinkstube.
If you want to enjoy warm days in Ansbach, then you should visit around June and August.
It’s €143.50 for a week, or €20.50 per day.
It’s €631 for a month, or €22.50 per day.
Price of fuel in Ansbach is between EUR 1.22 and EUR 1.10 per litre.