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Finland is home to many lakes with high-quality water surrounded by deep forests. It has a rich landscape which includes hilly areas and Europe’s largest archipelago.

Finnish summers are marked by long days with Canoeing and fishing as the most popular seasonal activities. This country enjoys the nature’s rare beauty of the Northern lights or Aurora Borealis, which appear in winters at the Kilpisjärvi region, Lapland. Another top tourist attraction is the Särkänniemi Adventure Park.

The park has 34 different rides, angry birds land, Aquarium and Planetarium. It’s also home to 5 bottlenose dolphins and offers a fantastic panorama view at the top of Näsinneula, which is the tallest observation tower in all the Nordic countries.

The Finland’s modern city of Helsinki offers an exciting getaway for families, outdoor enthusiasts, art and architecture lovers and those who love vibrant nightlife. Helsinki has a wide range of maritime attractions at its coastal region and extensive shopping opportunities.

Transport is easy and cheap in Finland with efficient intercity and intracity rail system. It also has several domestic flight routes across the country. Finland’s cuisine fuses traditional country cuisine preparation with modern continental methods.

Finns consume a lot of fresh berries, dairy and meat especially reindeer commonly served in Lapland region.

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FAQs about car hire in Finland

Most frequently asked questions about hiring a car in Finland

Distance from Helsinki to Kuopio is 242 miles (390 km).
Finland is one of the most expensive Nordic countries. On average you’ll spend €121 per day.
The short answer is yes. Because while travelling in Finland you'll notice that moving around at your own leisure without having to depend on public transport enhances the trip so much.
Most of the best plans to see Finland are related to nature because Finland is defined by crystal clear lakes, lush forests and unusual beaches.
The best time for a trip to Finland is the months of May to September, which have warm, long and bright days.
It's €245 for a week, or €35 per day.
Distance from Helsinki to Kuopio is 242 miles (390 km).
It's between EUR 1.69 and EUR 1.05 per litre.