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Dubrovnik is known for its stunning seaside location on the Dalmatian Coast, as well as its ancient Old Town. It is also the home of Croatia's creative crowd, and it hosts a variety of cultural events and festivals throughout the year. It is generally recognised as the most attractive city on the Dalmatian coast, looking out towards the azure Adriatic Sea, and is known as the "Pearl of the Adriatic." Dubrovnik has a wonderful Mediterranean climate, which ensures a large number of sunny days throughout the year. The crystal blue seas and sandy beaches are extremely breathtaking, particularly when seen in juxtaposition to the impressive walls of the ancient town.

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Guide of Dubrovnik


Dubrovnik is a city on the Adriatic Sea in the area of Dalmatia in southern Croatia. It is a seaport as well as the administrative centre of Dubrovnik-Neretva County. It is an exclave that is linked to the rest of the nation by the Pelješac Bridge.

Climate in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik has a Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and sweltering summers. A visit to Dubrovnik in the spring or fall, either May or September, is recommended. There are many days when the weather is ideal in June, but the second part of the month is when it may turn really hot. The finest months to visit the beach are July and August. In June, the water temperature is still a touch chilly.


The Croatian term "Dubrava," which means "oak woods," gave rise to the modern name "Dubrovnik," since the city was formerly surrounded by oak trees. For centuries, the Latin word Ragusa - Rausa (meaning rock) was used to refer to the original village, which was built on the rocky outcrop known as Lausa.

Things To Do in Dubrovnik

Tour the Old City Walls

The enormous Old City Walls of Dubrovnik, which have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are without a doubt among the most popular tourist attractions in the city. These milky limestone defence fortifications, built about the 10th century and restored in the 13th and 14th centuries, reach over 6 metres in length and thickness at points and provide spectacular views of the Adriatic and the historic city centre. Game of Thrones aficionados will recognize various filming spots along the two-kilometre-long road that ascends and descends, and if you wish to travel the full length, it is best to start early to avoid crowds and the summer heat. The Bokar Tower, Fort Lovrijenac, Revelin Fortress, and Minceta Tower are also noteworthy viewpoints. Guided walking tours may be a little pricey, but they will undoubtedly be an interesting experience as you learn more about the historic locations.

Explore Lokrum Island

Lokrum, a lovely island about 600 metres from Dubrovnik, is suitable for a day vacation. A 15-minute boat journey from Dubrovnik Harbour will take you here. Napoleon's Fort Royal Castle is easily accessible and has breathtaking views all around. Later, if you want to go scuba diving, proceed to the little lagoon known as the Dead Sea. In the summer, history aficionados may also visit an 11th century Benedictine Monastery that has a museum and a café. Capture Instagram-worthy photos of gorgeous peacocks wandering the pine woods of Lokrum. You may also choose to take a pleasant sea kayak journey from the mainland to get here.

Stroll through the Stradun

The Stradun, also known as Placa in Dubrovnik, is one of Europe's most beautiful pedestrian thoroughfares. You may wander around the Stradun as you enjoy the distinctive sights and sounds of Dubrovnik, which is world-renowned for being the shooting site for Star Wars Episode VIII. Taste Croatian food at one of the sidewalk cafés or restaurants, or browse the stores for unique gifts. Step inside War Photo Limited, a photographic museum nestled in one of the lanes, and see the many battles that have plagued humanity throughout the years.

Eating Out in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a gastronomic spectacle that would satisfy any gourmet. Here are a few of our favourites. Nautika offers two beautiful patios where you can unwind and eat delicious, locally produced meals. Shrimp risotto, St. Jacob's scallops, or veal fillet in wine sauce are all delicious options. You may also choose a five- or seven-course tasting menu. Restaurant Dubrovnik, a premium fine dining Michelin-starred location, provides you a moment to enjoy for a lifetime. Try one of their hallmark main courses, such as sea bass, steak, or duck, or one of their inventive creations, such as hog steak with foie gras pate. The Taj Mahal offers an intimate atmosphere and a departure from Dalmatian food. Enjoy delicacies such as charcoal-grilled kebabs and Turkish baklava.



Located around 15.5 km from the city centre, Dubrovnik International Airport (DBV), also known as Cilipi Airport, serves the city.

Getting Around Dubrovnik

The city's bus system, operated by Libertas, goes from the Pile Gate of the Old Town to locations beyond. If you want to explore further, you may simply hire a vehicle at the airport and park in public lots. Iljina Glavica public parking lot is a ten-minute walk from the Old City.

Many visitors travelling through Croatia prefer to hire a car as it offers comfort, flexibility, and convenience. Croatia not only has a great network of well-laid roads but the landscapes on the way are incredibly scenic as well, often with stunning ocean views. If you’re travelling in a large group, consider hiring a minivan. You can also do a one-way hire, which means that you can pick up your vehicle in one city – say Zagreb – and drop it off in another – like Dubrovnik – before flying out. This would save you the hassle of having to drive it back.

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The average cost per day of hiring a car in Dubrovnik is just €23.
The prices for Dubrovnik car hire start from just €19 when booking in advance with Enjoy Travel.
To hire a car in Dubrovnik you must be at least 18 years old.
Additional drivers can be added to your Dubrovnik car hire agreement upon request.
The best car for exploring Dubrovnik would be a mini car like a Chevrolet Spark or similar.
The minimum age to hire a car in Dubrovnik is 18 (fee may apply).
The distance betweem Dubrovnik airport and the city centre of Dubrovnik is around 20 km/12.42 miles.
The distance betweem Zagreb and Dubrovnik is around 599.8 km (around 372.69 miles) - 6 hr 16 minutes drive.