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Brussels is often seen as Europe's underdog. Most visitors rush through the city en route to more popular destinations like Paris and Amsterdam. Maybe they just don't bother with the city at all. But it's a wonderful place to visit, full of interesting history and modern eateries. Brussels is a foodie's paradise because of the city's abundance of excellent eateries and beer establishments. Be sure to sample the beer and Belgian fries when visiting this often-overlooked European metropolis. You might be pleasantly surprised. For a seamless trip, book your Brussels car hire with Enjoy Travel in advance!

Guide of Brussels


Brussels is bordered by the regions of Wallonia and Flanders, which together make up Belgium. Brussels is located about 97 kilometres (60 miles) inland from the North Sea, inside the valley of the Senne River. As a whole, Belgium is very flat, with a wide coastal plain stretching southeastward from the North Sea and the Netherlands and gradually rising into the Ardennes hills and woods in the southeast, where the highest point, Botrange, is located at a height of 2,277 feet (694 meters).

Climate in Brussels

Because of its proximity to the ocean, warm winters and cool summers characterize Belgium's marine temperate climate. The typical high during the summer is 77°F (25°C), while the typical low during the winter is 45°F (around 7°C). Temperatures in Brussels average a comfortable 8°C in the spring and summer, making the period between March and May the ideal time to visit.


Brussels is a city that straddles the cultural divide between those who speak French and Dutch, as well as those who speak a variety of other languages. This makes it an exciting and multicultural place to visit.

Things To Do in Brussels

Stroll around the Grand Place

One of the first things to do when you visit Brussels is to visit the Grand Palace, located in the city centre. This area is packed with historical monuments such as the Town Hall, the Museum of the City of Brussels, and the Breadhouse. All the buildings here are UNESCO World Heritage Sites that date back to the 1200s. It is absolutely normal to be overwhelmed by the history that surrounds you! Everywhere you look, you will find people happily chatting away, trying to click the perfect selfie, or even searching for a comfortable spot to sip a beer.

Visit the Comics Art Museum

Did you love reading comics as a kid? You must definitely stop by the Comics Art Museum! This museum teaches you everything there is to learn about the comic-creation process and its history as well. Did you know that The Smurfs originated here? If you still can’t get enough, you can indulge in them in the comic-inspired hotels nearby.

Explore The Bourse

The Bourse, Belgium's stock market founded in 1873, is located just off Grand Place. The structure itself is impressive, with massive columns and several sculptures. Even though it looks stunning on the outside, the real deal is waiting to be discovered once you are inside. After lying deserted for over a decade, The Bourse is now used for hosting unique exhibits ranging from photographic retrospectives to immersive experiences covering everything from the ruins of Pompeii to Vincent Van Gogh's art. The upper floors are being prepared to host a beer museum that launches in 2023.

Eating Out in Brussels

If you enjoy beer, you must visit Cantillon Brewery. This brewery, which dates back to the 1900s, is unique in that it is the only one that is still standing today. Even just walking past their brewing and bottling facility, you can sense the history. Enjoy a delicious beer fermented with wild yeast while taking a 45-minute guided tour. While the bar has a wide selection of beers, the majority of the regulars prefer sour cherry beers. When in Brussels, one cannot ignore the delicious waffles. Even if you only have a few hours, we highly recommend stopping by the Maison Dandoy, which has been serving the most authentic and delectable waffles since 1829. Please keep in mind that Belgian waffles do not exist. As a result, you'll have to choose between the Liege waffle and the fluffier Brussels waffle. This franchise can be found all over Brussels. Belgian cuisine goes beyond waffles and beer. Moules frites are perfect for seafood lovers. Waterzooi is a popular Dutch stew made from eggs, butter, fish, or chicken. Stoemp, a Belgian staple made of mashed potatoes, carrots, onions, and brussels sprouts, is suitable for vegetarians.



Located 6.5 nautical miles northeast of Brussels, Brussels Airport (BRU) serves the capital of Belgium as well as surrounding areas.

Getting Around Brussels

Trains, trams, buses, and the metro can get you where you need to go in the Brussels-Capital Region's well-developed public transportation system. You are welcome to take the bicycle along with you. STIB/MIVB is in charge of managing it. Many visitors also opt to hire a car if they wish to head outside the city centre to explore attractions in the countryside or visit family and friends. It offers more convenience and comfort, especially for families travelling with kids.

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FAQs about car hire in Brussels

Most frequently asked questions about hiring a car in Brussels

Car hiring prices in Brussels start at €38 per day for a Ford Fiesta.
The minimum age to hire a car in Brussels is 21.
The distance betweem Brussels airport BRU and the city centre of Brussels is around 12 km/7.4 miles.
The distance betweem Brussels and Ghent is around 57.8 km (around 35.9 miles) - 55 minutes drive.
While it is the capital of Belgium, it is actually not particularly expensive to visit. You'll need about €97 per day.
You can find a Volkswagen Up in the off-peak season for €18.86 per day.
Yes, the mobility it affords you within the city is very important during time intensive trips.
The best way to see Brussels is by going on a tour of the city and visiting the Grand Place, the Royal Galleries Saint-Hubert, the Manneken Pis and its collection of costumes and the Mont des Arts.
The best time to travel to Brussels is from May to September, but mostly in July and August which are the warmest.
It's €127 for a week, or €18 per day.
It's €508 for a month, or €18 per day.
Price of fuel in Brussels is between EUR 1.23 and EUR 1.13 per litre.